HCG Start October 1st

mikeonthephoneSeptember 30, 2009

Well my subject heading kind of gives a good idea of what I am going to do.

I clock in around 205-210lbs - my 'healthy' lists as 180lbs. At my lightest - which was 1996-97 - I ran 160lbs.

Not to lie, I don't eat healthy (but not horrendously either), I drink (either heavy or light depending on mood)*, don't smoke and work out on twice a day schedule for 4 days a week. 10 minutes cardio, 50 minutes weight and strengthening (had a car accident in 2006, need to strengthen my knee).

Searched around the internet for diet plans, done a few with little results. Came upon the HCG plan.

Although I did hesitate when I discovered it was injections (I know there are other variations) as I have seen my fair share of doctors and needles during my influential, baby-child-pre-teen years (health issues). But I decided to go the Sub-Q route. Ordered the 5000IU and plan on doing 25 day plan @ 200IUs.

I do have a strong will and if I do something I either do it or don't.. there is no middle-ground for me. I am entering this with thoughts of scepticism, but an open-mind.

I will say that I was pleased with my ordering process - supplies from Canada, HCG from India (wonderful country, have visited there on a couple of occasions. If you have never been, go) - took 2 days from Canada and within the 8 days from India. I will be putting together the 'in-thing' to do (Youtube daily / bi-daily report), already recorded the 1st day receipt of package and my naked torso with jiggly moobs.

So from 205lbs (probably 210-215lbs after the stacking-prior-to-start) down to 185lbs in 25 days. Safe? Effective? Only 25 days will tell.

Will update here when my video links go up - but you can search Youtube for user LIQUIDVISHN... I already have a few videos up of my past and some projects I have worked on - the ones that you may find interesting will all be headlined HCG DIET - DAY XX.

Until then, be happy.

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Mike, I'd be interested to hear about your dieting experiences. You say you tried a few diet plans, with little results. When you were on those plans did you cut back on the drinking? That stuff can add up pretty quick at 150 calories for one beer. I have a hard time fitting one a day into my calorie budget. Are you allowed to drink on the HCG program?

I might suggest you do a little bit of walking or something on the other 3 days when you are not working out.

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Harold - I had tried to low-fat / low-cal dieting in the past with little results. With or without exercise. The drinking I cut out completely, especially with the beer I drink (and only beer too).

I have the 'gift' of being able to go no-drink at all for a while, or drink like fish (depending on mood). Though, from what I have been reading, they do forgive you one glass of red wine, or a spirit.

One major thing that I am noticing is that the HCG is based on the original version (I discount Trudeau). What many people fail to take into account is the many changes in food over the past 30 years. What was available then and now has drastically changed. For example, I love Black Cherry Seltzer water - delicious. The one I drink is Zero calories, sugar, fat and naturally flavoured without extra chemicals that I can't pronounce. According the original diet - this is a big "NO".

I believe that there is a large amount of latitude in the diet provided you follow it using common sense.

I am moving into Day 5 (began at 201lbs - pre-load - 205lbs post-load) with a rotating work schedule which has me going to bed at 8am (taking my injection), then waking early afternoon for lunch, then having dinner around 11pm. So I will be interested to see how my body reacts.

I have gotten the headaches - but a quick tablet and a nights sleep and it was clear. Not too much on the hunger pangs - only when I eat do I not feel full. I guess that is what the water helps to fill.

Although, and I only began to notice this an hour or so ago, I have been awake since 8am (EST) and it is now passing 4am (EST) and I don't "look" tired and my face seems to have a comfortable "glow"... perhaps the weight loss will be attributed to my finally giving birth after so many years :-)

As for exercise, I have been going to the Gym since 2007, first on a Mon, Wed, Fri schedule - presently (prior to HCG) on a 2xMon, 2xTue, 2xWed, 2xThu schedule. I roughly walk about 1-2 miles per day at my office (lot of leg work involved).

I think my thought on uploading to Youtube may have been premature - my hectic schedule does not seem to allow the devotion to doing it.. so I guess it may be limited to my posting here.

Until then, be happy.

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I'll be looking forward to your reports.

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"limted to my posting here." and weeks later I finally get to posting here.

After running the HCG to Day 21 - from 201lbs (I am not counting the 'loading days' as I would never eat like that) to 193.5 = 7.5lbs loss.. not quite the results "headlined" for HCG.

I hit a plateau on Day 11 fluctuating between 197lbs and 195lbs until Day 18 (I did an apple day on Day 14). Day 19 broke me to 194.5lbs and dropping - slowly - to the 193.5lbs.

Still have another 5ish days to complete... we shall see if I can hit my 185lbs goal, more likely that 190lbs will be my end weight.

My pre-conclusion, every individual body is different and will react differently. "Results may vary", the universal disclaimer, definately holds true with this diet.

Was the weight loss attributed to my eating less? Did the HCG help to curb hunger? Would I attempt a 2nd round? Many questions... if I do attempt it - it will be here to post.

The one thing that I really missed was all the other tasty foods. I found it difficult to go food shopping, for the family. It was easier to go food shopping JUST for the diet- I knew what I had to get - get in and get out.

What running through this diet has shown me is how much of my food intake is from 'boredom snacking'. I find when I have nothing to do, I snack... a sandwich here, some pretzels there, a bit of picky food... I also operate a home business (outside of my day job) and find that I snack whilst home-working (easy access to food).

As I said, 5ish days to go.

Until then, be happy.

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