Weekly Weigh-in, week of 9/6/09

harold14370September 6, 2009

Good morning.

We had a pretty decent week last week. At least nobody gained weight.

Harold - Weight 201, lost 1, total lost 74

Jasmi - Weight 134, lost 2, total lost 14

Betty - Weight 157, lost 1, total lost 23

Helen - Weight 155.2, lost 0.8, total lost 44.8

Ivamae - Weight 176, lost 0, total lost 16

My results for this week:

Weight 201, lost 0, total lost 74

Average calories: Food 1923, exercise 497

I was due to hit a plateau, so I guess this is it.

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Good Morning,

It was a good week last week for me. DH's aunt is becoming more demanding each week. I was so excited to get 30 mins on the treadmill last week, but she made it so hard after the first 2 mins! She constantly asked me to get off and come talk to her,asked how much longer, asked wasn't I tired, said it was too noisy, etc, etc. I finally just pretended that I couldn't hear her and keep repeating that I would be finished 'in a minute' to get those precious 30 mins in.

What a hassle! Needless to say I haven't been back on the treadmill this week.

I got on the scale this morning and even tried leaning to one side to get it to read a pound less!!!! It didn't work.

Still 157 pounds. At least I didn't gain any.

Have a great day everyone,


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Yay! Everyone is doing so well! Happy to see the progress :)

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Betty, sorry to hear about your problems with Auntie. Hang in there.

Silversword, it's good to hear from you. We've missed you and Eklektos.

I'm beginning to appreciate how tough it is for you folks who are close to your goal weight. I notice I've been getting hungrier, and eating more, the more weight I lose. Still losing though. I finally went below 200. That's a huge milestone for me, but not official until Sunday.

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Hi All

I weighed 133.8 this morning.

Silver, nice to see you back. We really missed you and Ek.
Harold, thats a great mile stone. I am happy for you.
Betty, you cracked me up with "even tried leaning to one side to get it to read a pound less!". I like your sense of humor.

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I am having computer problems, so I hope this posts.

Weight 155.2, lost 0, total lost 44.8

No change this week... but maybe next week will see a little loss. I sure hope so.


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Well, I'm happy to be down 1 pound this morning. Weight 175 That is a total of 17 pounds

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