Help! party for 60-how much food?

nys29July 1, 2007

I am new to this forum--I usually lurk on home decorating and kitchens. I am excited to find a resource of "entertaining regulars"! We will be having a party for my d's graduation and expect the total to be about 60 people. This will be a casual outdoor party, but no grilling. My dh is making his famous pulled pork and I am making 4 different salads, but we are catering 2 more hot dishes. How many 1/2 trays of the catered dishes will I need? (They only sell 1/2 trays) We are also getting two 4ft heroes as there will be several teens coming and going at different times due to work schedules. I would be so appreciative of any advice :)

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What are the half trays that you are ordering? That would help to know.

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I do the lunches after funerals for church....and have had lots of large parties at my own home.
At best it's a crap shoot knowing what to never want to run out...but don't want to have lots and lots left over either.
I figure between 5 and 7 sandwiches per pound of cooked and prepared pulled pork....I would figure 20 pounds of bone in uncooked pork shoulder for 60 you know it will be less after cooking and removing the bone and excess fat.
Potato salad....figure 5 pounds of potatoes and a dozen eggs will feed 30 people. Baked beans.. Figure a food service sized can will feed 25 people.
What else are you having?
And remember, the more choices you offer the less of each dish you need....people can only eat so much.
As for a half much is that? Are these the standard aluminum foil dishes that go over a sterno warmer?
Linda C

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I would bet the caterer would be best to ask about for their bought trays.

It depends on how much they fill, what the item is, and how big the trays are. I'm sure they know an approximate number the people the 1/2 trays will feed.

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Yes, Linda, the half trays are the standard pans, 2 fit in the water bath tray or 1 full tray. Usually in an ad for catering it states how many a half tray of say, chicken marsala, will feed.
You can always freeze the leftovers..better to have too much and a diverse menu to make sure all diets are covered, ie, veget, no dairy, etc.

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Thanks for your responses--and sorry it took me so long to return. We are now making 3 of the dishes--the pulled pork, sausage and peppers, penne a la vodka--and I was going to order a chicken dish from the caterer with (2) 4 foot long heroes. He told me that I only needed (2) 1/2 trays because I am having so much other food. He said that 2 half trays will feed about 40. I am also having 4 homemade salads on the side (green salad, orzo with sun dried tomatoes, potato salad and cole slaw). I don't think 2 of the chicken is enough, so I think I will order 3. I was originally going to order the penne, but it's my d's favorite and I decided to make it the way she's used to.
Thanks for the tip about vegetarians--one of the heroes will be grilled vegetables as a result of that suggestion. We are also making chicken fingers for the kids--there will only be about 10 little ones under the age of 12.
I would rather freeze/give away extra food than run out!

I think I've covered vegetarians, no dairy, and meat eaters.

I hope it will be enough!

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2 half trays will feed 40 as the main course...WITHOUT the pork and the vodka penne and the sausacg and peppers....
Believe me....with all you mentioned you will have lots and lots of leftovers!
Linda C

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We had the party yesterday. We totally lucked out with gorgeous weather! We had more than enough food, but I am fine with that. There was not a drop of the pulled pork left, but we had about half a tray left over for each of the other hot dishes. The salads (except for the cesar salad) did not really go--too many choices, I think.

Thanks so much for your advice!

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We are having almost 60 people for a housewarming party.
I plan to make trays of baked ziti. There will also be sausage, meatballs and pork from the home made sauce. How many trays of ziti should I make? I like the idea of sausage & peppers as well. I don't want to run out of food. What does everyone think?

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making chicken spsgitti for 60 how much chicken is needed

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I'm hosting a party for Mom's 90th birthday. I'm working with a budget and don't want to have a lot of left over food. Needless to say the guests will be 2/3 over 80 the other 1/2 kids, grandkids and great grandkids. I've alway used the 30 % rule, if you are inviting 60 people plan food for 40ish. Any suggestions. Thanks.

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How much french onion soup for 60 people and salad for 60 people do I need for a bridal shower?

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I should check here more often.....
You will need 5 gallons of onion soup to feed 60....allowing for some people to have 2nds.
What kind of salad? Green salad? You will need 5 gallons of cut up add ons, like onions, cucumbers tomatoes and whatever.....and I would make a quart of dressing. you won't use it all, but leftover dressing keeps.
Linda c

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