Bingo Party

Curly_WillowJuly 16, 2003

I posted this ahwile ago and just wanted to see if anyone has heard of this and if anyone has any better ideas :)

A friend of mine told me about a once a month girls night party idea and I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this. You invite your friends, ask them to bring a small wrapped gift ( under 15.00 ) and money for bingo cards (5.00 a card). The hostess provides either dinner or just finger foods and drinks(changes houses every month)

Each time someone wins they get to pick a gift. Last game is played for the pot ( all the money that was paid for bingo cards ) I hope this makes sense....its at least the basic idea as far as I know. Great excuse to get the girl friends together.

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Sounds like lots of fun, but just for you information many states have laws about money and bingo. In AZ, many of the RV parks cannot have money on the table as this is gambling. Does not make sense to me but all it takes is one person to turn you in. As to the 15.00 idea, this could be a little pricy for someone on a fixed income. In several of the RV parks, we have done brown bag bingo, food (cans/boxes) bingo, candy bar bingo, etc. We have even been asked to look around our RV ( or your home) and bring something you now longer want. Other ideas are stationary, boxes of cards, writing kits, knick knacks, even something someone gave you that you really did not like a unusual figurine, ugly ash tray. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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