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nhsuzanneSeptember 18, 2006

Hello everyone??? Anybody out there?

Come out and tell us how your weekend was. Let's try to see if we can entice the MIA's to come here and check in this week.

Maddie, come on girl, I still haven't heard about how your new job is going!!

BJ, where are you?

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Good MONDAY afternoon Suzanne!

I had a relatively quiet weekend. We had dinner with friends on Saturday and then spent a splendid Sunday tailgating and watching the JETS play an awesome game (they lost, but the game was great).

Today I'm struggling to get my quota of water.

QOD: What are you struggling with today? Feel free to share; we miss you!


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Good Afternoon Suzanne and Dee!

QOD - I am struggling with getting all my work done. I have decided to take Wednesday off and go visit my DD's. Wednesday happens to be my ad deadline day - so I am trying to get all of them done as well as my normal Monday and everyday craaaap. My water intake is a bit down too, but I will catch up.

I had a great weekend. We went to dinner with good friends on Friday, Saturday night we stayed in and had a great dinner on our deck. Yesterday was the best we were out on the lake all day and had a delicious picnic complete with ants LOL.

Okay, who's next???

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Today I am struggling with lack of daylight and time. Just a month or so ago I could ride at 5:30am, do my chores and get to work on time. Now it's not light enough to ride in the morning and the light at the end of the day is getting shorter and shorter. Ugh...I really dislike this.

I am also struggling with staying on any WOE right now. Everyday I wake up and say to myself "I am going to be good" and then I am not so good. Not horrible just not committed!


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Happy Monday!!

It has been soooo quiet around here.

I struggle with my water quota most days. Last week was a bear at work and I worked late every day and did not go to Curves, which I do enjoy. I am struggling to get my priorities in order :-)

Tonight I am going to relax and will check in more this week.

Take care!!


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Donna, I am also cranky when I overwork and don't take time for myself, especially to exercise. This week I started out going to yogilates last night. This morning I went for a walk, tomorrow morning I walk, tomorrow evening I take 1 hour of kickboxing...the rest of the week I walk early in the mornings. As a result, I'm already feeling OK, but for the last week or two I got little exercise and I felt it last night at yogilates....very inflexible. So I was cranky and ate chips when I got home! ooops!

So here's a challenge guys and gals: Get up from the chair and walk around a bit, dance to some music, or lift some weights.

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OK, I'm beginning to think it's me. I take a shower every morning, brush my teeth, and use mouthwash. Is it my hair??? What?????

Come on and check in please.

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Maybe it's the kickboxing class.......everyone thinks you will kick their butts.......which you will no doubt do if everyone doesn't check in!!

It's crazy here this week. New computers, new system and all the lovely little glitches to work out before it goes smoothly.

Come on people........check in or Dee will kick box your butt!!

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Hi all!

Yep--still alive (kinda....I think....) and kicking!

I've missed youse guys sooo much, but between back to back shows and work, I am so far behind I think I'm first.

Thinking about our Allie today; it's hard to believe we've had our angel for 5 years...

I promise I'll write a novel the next time I'm here--

Love and hugs and smootchies!


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Where is everyone???!!!

Raeanne, I am still being overworked and am still a tad cranky, OK, probably more than a tad. I am enjoying a lovely glass of wine (or 2) and it is taking the edge off :-) You know I'm bad when Curves sends me a card telling me they miss me! Dee, a I need a good butt kicking!

Suzanne, glad to see you...even though your birthday is not until November I am diligently working on your "unbirthday" gift. Stay tuned!

Maddie!!! Check in again soon....we need details woman!!!
I did not know Allie but I have read about how much all of you loved her and offer ((hugs)).

TGIF tomorrow - yeah!

Check in everyone!!!!!

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Good Morning Everyone!!! Hello out there???? Anybody home????

Happy first day of fall.........yes, the autumnal equinox is upon us.

Donna, enjoy that wine before you get your butt kicked. I need mine kicked too. I don't know what the He// I am waiting for!!

Hummm, I forgot that you had my name for the unbirthday thing. I forgot my birthday is coming up acutally!!

I am happy it's Friday. It's been a very busy week although not stressful which is nice. This morning at work we are all enjoying the site of a cardinal family. There are three fledgling males and two females all at the feeder. So sweet. Gathering up nurishment and strength for what is to come.

It got cold here last night nearly freezing but I still have my outdoor plants in tact.

QOD: What are you doing for the weekend???

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Hi Everyone,

Boy, this board is slow lately.

QOD, Tomorrow the girls and I are getting haircuts, tomorrow afternoon I am going shopping with a friend. Sunday I hope to rest. Oh shoot, we have a family chowder Sunday and then a church social Sunday nite. No rest for this weekend.

I need a good butt kicking too. My exercise is medium but my diet stinks.

Maddie, It's good to see ya post. I was thinking of Alli this week too. She was such a sweetheart. I miss her a lot.

Gotta run. Have a great day.


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Okay I have 3 calendars at work telling me that tomorrow is the first day of Fall. However, they tell me that today is Native American Day and Rosh Hashanah at sundown. So whatever it is let's make it a good one.

Donna - I think when you use wine medicinally it doesn't count - so you are safe for now.

Suzanne - I had a treat this morning as well, the two baby fox were at my bird feeder scrounging around. They were very frisky on this brisk morning and so cute.

Maddie - what a tease!

I went to NYC on Wednesday and spent the afternoon and evening with my 2 DD's. We had a lot of fun, I wish I had the time to do that more often.

Jen - sounds like you have a full weekend.

QOD - I am hoping for a quick boat ride with some ladies from a shop near us on Saturday afternoon and maybe a hike on Sunday if it doesn't rain. I would welcome a weekend of doing nothing.

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I got a box in the mail from Marci, but not opening until Tuesday.
Been lurking off and on (more off than on), but will try and get caught up and back on the board. Miss you all.
DD 1st Anniversary was this past Monday - can't believe it's a year already. We are having a "family" dinner tomorrow to celebrate birthday and Anniversary.
I'll check in again on Tuesday.
Have a great weekend

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Yea Joanne! I was getting worried, since I mailed the package in August! Hope you have a fun weekend and we'll "see" you on Tuesday.

It's been a hectic first two weeks of school, but I think I am back in school mode. For the most part, the kids are great this year. We have lots of BOYS though. They are not bad but they are loud and rowdy. In the two M-W-F classes, we have 30 boys and 18 girls!
My back feels a little better this week. I am trying not to bend over the kids, but it is impossible in some situations. I think I need to start some exercises to strengthen my back muscles.

DS came home a few weeks ago and it was so nice to see him. DD started her last semester and found a part time job, so I have seen her since school started.

I am going to lunch with a friend today and running errands b4 and after. Other than that, I am looking forward to some quiet time this weekend. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


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