Vemma - Liquid Vitamin

cactuscatieMay 27, 2008

Has anyone heard about or has anyone taken a liquid vitamin called Vemma. Apparently you can only buy it through representatives. Someone was telling me about it, he claims it fantastic, blah, blah, blah blah. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about it.

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bumping down

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I can tell you that Vemma is not a bad product, however it is a knock of of Xango. You should listen to the Bla Bla Bla... The main ingredient at (least in Xango) is the whole fruit of the Mangosteen. This fruit is one of the strongest antioxidants know but the big thing is that it is a very potent anti-inflammatory and has natural cox2 inhibitors. It has replaced my Celebrex (similar to Vioxx) It is great to be pain free and have my mobility back without the use of dangerous drugs. I am not trying to sell anything here...just advising that ther really is something to this and you should pay attention. Type in xanthones or Mangosteen, see for yourself (this is a government medical research site). People should really start thinking what they are putting in their bodies. When was the last time you saw a RX comercial that didn't have 15 possible side effects listed that were worse than what the RX is suposed to treat? Think!

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I rarely come to this forum, just passing through.

I have used the Vemma and I really thing it helped me as for as more energy. My BF still uses it and it is now available in 1 doze sizes. She buys it on the internet. I had to quit using it just because of the cost for both of us to use it.


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I have used Vemma for two years, and it is a very effective vitamin supplement, particularly if you don't like to swallow large multivitamin pills several times a day. They recommend two ounces which I started with, but then read in a nutrition guide that only one ounce was needed. The downside is that the supplement is costly and the shipping charges added on makes it even more so. I have recently switched to a liquid supplement at a slightly less cost with free shipping, and the ingredients are the same minus the mangosteen. To early to tell any difference.

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