1st Family Reunion need input

loraleeJuly 25, 2002

There will be several families camping together. How do I decide who brings what. All the meals will be shared except for the lunches for 2 days. I was thinking of the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs with a nice BBQ Roast for the final dinner.

thanks for your input

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PS Also what about games or do we just sit and visit. there will be about 15 children 2-9 and 17 adults.

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If it was me, I would recruit a helper and plan menus and then tell everyone how much $$ they owed. If this didn't cause any major disputes I would then do all the shopping myself (this way nothing gets forgotten--like smores)

If this doesn't sit right with you, how about making each "family" responsible for a particular meal...Maybe your brother does lunch wed, and your sister does sat dinner, and mom and dad do breakfast sunday?

As for the kids, I would definately bring stuff...I think science things would be fun--like a magnifying glass, a bug catcher, a ball, etc...as for the grown ups definately plan on playing cards!
have a great time!

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What is your campground like? Is there a lake, on the ocean, hiking trails? I've been to some campgrounds that had everything, pool, putt-putt and then some which were wilderness with no improvements. Are there experienced campers among the group, novices? Is the campground close to shopping for restocking of supplies or will you have to bring it all with you?

As for meals, I would seriously consider planning one large potluck -- the hamburger, hotdog thing; then ask each family to be responsible for a meal (or day) during the campout. Just co-ordenate, like chicken is taken on Monday by big bro, Fajitas on Tues by aunt Maggie ...

Good luck and have fun!


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For a family reunion, it might be nice to have some type of game tournament. You could set up a chess, checkers, backgammon, or cribbage tournament. These are games most adults know, or could easily learn. And many families have the equipment, so you won't be out buying several copies. This would give an excuse for each adult to sit across from another and talk and catch up with each others lives. You could then have some silly prize that the winner would hang onto with instructions to bring it back for the next tournament when the family gets together again.

For the kids, I bet their parents will be bringing some stuff. One fun thing might be to give each kid a glow stick. The kids can all get together and throw them up in the air making something kind of like fireworks. Or they can try to play catch with them. And they can help act as night lights just in case sleeping away from home is a little scarey. You might also want to bring some paper and crayons so that they can make pictures of all of their family or fun camping experiences or what they saw on a nature hike or whatever.

For food, I too think that if each family were to take one meal it would be easiest. That way too you have your cooking and clean up crew already assigned. You could announce some basics that you will be bringing - salt and pepper, pb&j fixings just in case, etc. Also ask each family to bring one snack for everyone - fruit, cheese and crackers, smores. With each family bringing one meal and one snack, everyone knows there will be SOMETHING they will like. You will also need to determine who is bringing cooking, cleaning, serving stuff.

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We just had our annual family reunion a couple of weeks ago. The family is spread out across the country so we have Christmas in July. Christmas presents and cookies twice a year...what more could you ask for? We takes turns planing the reunion but after a few years things become tradition and planning is very easy. The planner sets up the names for the gift exchange and assigns what everyone should bring. For "Christmas dinner" we have brats and burgers and everyone brings a dish to share. Another easy meal is sub sanwiches. If you buy long french breads you can make them quickly and cut to size. Don't try to make all of the food yourself or you won't have fun.
Have some fun activities....we had a rummy tournament (we all played rummy in our younger years with Grandma so it's a sentimental thing), seed spitting (funny to see adults doing this), hula hoop and other silly things. Don't make it too much work. Just make sure adults and kids participate together. Good luck!

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I just got back from my family reunion yesterday! It was held a beautiful resort in northern Ontario. Each family rented their own cabin or chalet. Our's was right at the bottom of a gorgeous waterfall. Excellent swimming. We actually one day where we had a big buffet in the resort's reception room for the entire family. For the other meals everyone was responsible for their own in their own cabin. Most people had their BBQ's going and since you constantly had other family's visiting each other we often shared the cooking responsibilities and had guests for dinner! It was so much fun that we hated to leave!

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at our family reunions ( we hold one every 3 years) we have an auction. everyone brings their crafts and good used stuff and we auction it off on Saturday afternoon. it is a great way to pass some time, get some great deals, and we donate the proceeds to the cancer ward at our hospital. we raise around $600. it was such a success, we now do it on the other side of the family, and the money goes into a trust fund for scholarships for those going on to post secondary schooling.

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