JonesyDecember 3, 2006

Has anyone here used a Bose wave music system? I am interested in the one with the multiple CD changer. Is the sound any better than a regular radio. The size and the CD changer is what I am interested, it also plays MP3s.

One other question. I was told by someone that you can download your camera photos to the ipod while working away from your computer. Is this possible? Thanks

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No experience with the first item.

The second is do-able. You need either one of the newer "photo" iPods or you can use your favorite Web search engine to search for the words download digital photos ipod and find some software which may be able to do the job for you, depending on your model of iPod and digital camera.

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thanks Steve. I will check that out. I just bought a 30 GB regular Ipod and it is suppose to store so many pictures.

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We've had a Bose Wave for six years. The sound is excellent. Much better than a standard stereo and rivals many of my friends sound systems. (Having said that, I am sure a music connoisseur would tell you where fault lies) O

Our model is a single cd with radio version. It has no bass or treble control it just works.


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Thanks broadwinged,

Steve, I did some research and Apple said that there would soon be a wire, connector...whatever to download from a digital camera to the photo Ipod. I could not find a "photo Ipod" listed on their site, so maybe it is any Ipod that stores photos like most do with music.

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I think "photo iPod" would be limited to the color-screen iPods (maybe some of the older ones, but a grainy silver-white picture wouldn't do much for most people) :-p

Hope that works for you.

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Bose - YES!

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