Dieting pals--9/4--9/11--Joy! Joy! Labor Day!

yellowhairSeptember 4, 2004

McPeg! I miss you!!!

Hi everybody! Well, I've been reading the posts and you guys are doing so good and I've been good and bad. lol I did do the 5k thing---actually it turned out to be 2 miles for walkers. I made it. Wheww!

I'm doing better about buying diet foods, last night was a small steak, potato and salad. But, DH bought some peppermint candy that I just had to have some pieces of and one led to another. Yes, he's a diabetic. He buys it anyway, after much fussing on my part.

Anyhoo, this weekend is straightening up my cluttered bedroom --I rearranged it a few weeks ago and I'm still working on getting everything put away. But, it's amazing how a different arrangement of furniture can make such a difference!

Foodwise, I have purchased chicken and pork chops, will add a veggie, also purchased some bowtie pasta --will dress this up with possibly some chicken and tomatoes and a little diet mayo or salad dressing.

So, I've got tons to do and no real plans for this holdiay except odds and ends around the house-----last weekend was a family get together---went to a Greek festival!

Have a great weekend, everybody. Think slim.

PS Walking, imho, is one of the greatest exercises!

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Hi Yellowhair,

I agree with you most definitely--walking is great! Probably the best form of exercise.

The Greek Festival in our area is the first week of June. DH and I look forward to that like little kids look forward to Christmas! Love the food! We go practically every night for dinner. Oooo, I have to wait 9 months for the next one!!

Hope you all had a blast at your family get-together. I'm wondering if my kitchen will be in any kind of shape to host our next family gathering--Thanksgiving. Somehow, i don't think so. The new cabinets are due the end of this month, but we are still in the demo process. DH and I spent yesterday ripping out the old wall cabinets, the soffit that was over them, and most of the drywall on the ceiling. As you can imagine, my kitchen is not a pretty sight right now. The dust went everywhere. It went through the central air, so I have dust all through the house. Oh well. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

I was up a half a pound, last week. I've been trying to get more exercise time in, and have been staying within my points. One thing is for sure, I got a ton of exercise with that demo work yesterday. I was so exhausted I fell asleep at 7:30 pm. Now here I am up at 1:30 am. Ugh!

Take it easy, everybody.

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Today is a new day--make it count!!

I think the diet gods were with me this weekend. I drew a line through the last few days in my WW books and decided not to count points....had lots of parties, sporting events, etc, and it was difficult to count. Got on the scale this morning and did not gain one ounce! I'm planning on drinking lots of H20 and resume my "counting"!

My corporation is bringing in Weight Watchers again in mid-September, and we have our choice of Points or their new program (just a list of "good" food choices?) Not sure what that is, but I'm hoping you can alternate programs over the weeks to jump-start losing again. Will keep you updated on this stuff!

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Everybody must be busy with back-to-school.

Well, I was way over my points this week--by 22.5! Olive Garden did me in last night, lol. So imagine my surprise when I found out that I lost 2.5 lbs this morning. That's the half pound I had gained back plus 2 more. I couldn't believe my eyes! I can only guess that the one day of intense kitchen demo that we did had something to do with it because I didn't feel like doing any step aerobics this week. Who knows how these things work? I'm keeping at it, and will try to do better with my points. I'm just happy the scale is moving in the right direction again.

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Hi gals - a little quiet here - eh?
I have been on vacation and then was called to prep a huge 8 bedroom house for show. Nothing like cleaning wooden floors in 8 bedrooms and front and back stairs to reach them - Whew! It was a summer house for the rich before ac. The rich folk from Baltimore would come to the mountains to cool off in the mountain air. The house is cedar and stone. The place even has an ice house - stone 13x13 and very tall. Just gorgeous views of the mountains too. I would not want it though - too much work, too much ice and snow in the winter and I can imagine the fuel bills.
Buglady, I remember a ww meeting many moons ago with a woman and her mother getting weighed. Apparently they had gone out to eat and the daughter ate pie and the mother didn't. The daughter lost that week and the mother stayed the same. I can still hear that mother say "but you are the one who ate the pie!" I guess everyone is different that way. Glad you had a nice suprise.
I checked out what to eat at the Olive Garden once before going there and ended up with soup.
Had a pair of jeans on yesterday that I had not put on since last fall and was glad they still fit. It would be nice if they were baggy - someday.
DeeMarie I think the newest ww is more low carb foods - keep us posted please.
Noticed in the grocery store more low carb foods all the time that are pushing the other diet foods out the door especially the frozen meals.
Lunch yesterday was a salad with baby portabella mushrooms and salmon. Wonderful and I made it myself.
Still have 5 pounds to lose to get to my last doctor weight. May make it but at least if I get down to 3 the lecture will not be as loud or long... This time I am NOT going crazy after the appt and gaining 10 pounds in a month - true confession time. It was a lot of fun though but it takes too long to lose. The newest issue of Light and Tasty magazine has some good recipes. All for now....Kathy

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Hi everybody, checking in to see if it's getting cooler in your neck of the woods. Our temps are going down and DH says the days are getting shorter.

Kathy, sounds like that big home was a lot of work! Can you tell I'm going thru a lazy stage? lol Glad you had a good trip.

Buglady, sound's like you're doing great!

Well, I'm still struggling with the diet drinks. Thought I had it licked, but, well, I fell off the wagon and the scales are showing it. So, other than cry my eyes out, I'm just going to bite the bullet and forbid myself any Pepsi until I lose this 30 blasted pounds!

They say it takes 2 weeks to get used to it. I'm back drinking diet Dr. Pepper tonight.

I was talking to my neighbor today who has kidney dialysis 3 times a week, and diabetic. He drinks diet 7-up and sprite, all caffeine free------says the colas are bad on the kidneys. Maybe one of these days I'll venture to 7-up.

My goal for the rest of the week is to stay on the Dr.Pepper, cook and eat at home (ate out today), and try to keep busy and quit thinking about food.

I'm planning a cottage garden, maybe that will help!

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It's cool and drizzly here today. I hate to think of what oil bills will be this year - prices are going up again.
Quit thinking about food? Are you mad girl? Hahaha! My mom says she can tell I am on a diet because all I want to talk about is food and she can tell when I am off because all I want to do is talk about food. PS I think I forgot to congratulate you on that walk - you made it!

I think there is something truly addictive in those colas. Maybe it's the caffiene but I am thinking there is something else in there. They are so hard to give up. They make the kidneys go into overdrive for sure. If you give them up keep the aspirin handy for caffiene withdrawls.

New to me product. I bought some orange Crystal Light and it is great but I was suprised to find only 3 mixes in the container - a little pricey. Also a "skinny" Lebanon bologna - 90 calories in 4 slices. They are a good evening snack.

I was suprised to find almost another pound gone this morning. Did not "starve" yesterday and could feel a binge coming on so I had some bologna and an apple over what I wanted to have. No damage done.

Well stay stong everybody. It's hard....


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Stay strong, indeed. I've been struggling with food lately, but I'm not giving up! We start another Weight Watchers program on September 23 here at the office, and we'll be given a choice of Flex or that new one. Since I'm doing the Flex Points since February (and kept off 25 pounds!), I think I'll try the new program to shake up the old metabolism. Could not hurt, as I'm stalled at the 25 lb loss, and I've got another 50 to lose. I would love to lose another 20 pounds before the year ends; that would be the best Christmas present I could give myself!

We are expecting lots of rain here in the tri-state area over the weekend, but I think the temperatures should stay relatively warm.

Hang in there; remember that this is not a diet--it's a way to live your life in a healthy, productive way.

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Good morning! I started today with the diet Dr.Pepper. Someone once told me that whatever you start the day with, that's what you'll want during the day. I guess this makes sense, I'm checking it out. lol And I will force myself to drink water.

DeeMarie, I think you can lose those 20 lbs. I'd be happy, also, for a 20-lb. weight loss. Last night I got down on the floor and exercised, even did my ab roller 20 times! I've got to keep it up. Got to, got to.

Have any of you had trouble with your feet, or heels, in particular? I started having some problems with my right heel, bottom of foot area. I read some info on the net, bought some of those gel insoles, has really helped. Just hoping it won't keep me from doing more walking.

Today is housecleaning, trimming a hedge, and I want to do some planning on my cottage garden. My goal is to have my front area landscaped (by the end of fall) in a way where I can get rid of my lawnmower!! Yayyyyyy! We'll have a small grassy area where I will use the weedeater. Woohooo!

My brugs, zinnias, morning glories, and phlox are still blooming. Also my hibiscuses. I have about 40 tomatoes on my Green Zebra vine.

Had raisin bran for breakfast, don't know what for lunch yet, and either chicken or pork chops for supper, with baked potato and veggie.

New ice-cream: Blue Bunny - "Bunny Tracks" --20 carbs, 150 calories and 8 grams of fat for 1/2 cup. It's not quite as low as Skinny Cows, but it is sugar free and lowfat. And delicious.

Have a great day, everybody!

PS What's happened to Mellon, McPeg, and others? Come back, come on, come on, let's do this weight thing together.

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Hello Yellowhair!

I think you may have plantar facilitis (sp?). Does it hurt when you first awake and get better as the day progresses? I've had bouts of it before. You need to stretch your calf/heel area each morning, and take analgesics. Try icing the bottom of your foot after exercise. Good Luck!

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This may help.....

Here is a link that might be useful: for Yellowhair

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Hi all.
DeeMarie that was nice of you to post that link. The new WW diet sounds interesting and there are some "Core" recipes in their magazine (mom passes it on to me).
Yellowhair does the raisen bran make you hungry later?
I have a cottage garden and am not sure I like it anymore. The purple echinacea is always sprawling and the whole thing looks weedy even though it is not. I think I am replacing the ech. with more well behaved tall sedums. Guess I am not the cottage garden type. My garden filled a place that was a pain to mow so that part is good. Did you ever see those little electric mowers? Might save some weedwhacking.
Ate out for lunch yesterday and went to a good little Italian cafe and had a turkey wrap. They serve homemade chips with it and I had one chip and the rest went into a box for hubby who asked if they were fattening and ate them anyway. He really is changing his eating habits too even though he was never heavy.
Made chicken breasts with curry and cracked pepper on them in the crockpot yesterday. Looking forward to today's salad.
Weighed myself this morning - stayed the same. Can't expect to lose every morning...
Bunny Tracks? Is that a lowcal form of moosetracks? Ohhhh. Now to get that vision out of my head.

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You all sound so busy with exciting projects! Would be nice to have some time to garden; however, I spend about 10 hours a day with commute + work, so it's not possible to fit it in. We have a landscaper to clean up and mow once a week to take the pressure off DH, who works 6 days a week.

I do cook most nights; however, and I keep a nice neat house (in between the cleaning lady's visits every other week)....does that count? LOL! Seriously, it's a big house, and I have a high-pressure, middle management job in a large corporation. At my age, I just can't do it all anymore and the stress was causing me health problems.

DH and decided a few years ago to spend our free time on really nice vacations to de-stress, and it has worked out well. My blood pressure is finally under control, and he is relatively healthy.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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Hi Everybody! I can't believe how this week has flown by. Tomorrow is weigh-in day again!

Other than more demolition on the kitchen, I haven't been getting my exercise. Actually, I should be doing my step aerobics right now, but here I am instead.

The days are getting noticeably shorter, but the temperatures here are still warm. I guess we will be getting remnants of Ivan in the form of rain, rain, rain for the weekend. But I can't complain. My heart goes out to those affected more directly by the recent string of hurricanes.

Well, I wore a pair of jeans today that I had not worn for a looong time. They fit, and were not tight. I know that the changes in my diet are really working.

Yellowhair--I wonder if we will see Bunny Tracks here. I really love the Skinny Cow fudge bars. My DH is now eating them, too.

You know, I have never had problems with my feet. But awhile back when I was trying to take long walks, I started having a problem with my big toe. It felt like it was sprained or something. It was very odd, but it just went away.

DH has lots of trouble with his feet. I am sure it is just that we are getting older. Anyway, he has heel spurs, which are bony growths that kinda jab you from the inside. he has other things going on too, and has even been through physical therapy. He says they told him that whenever he is getting pain to quit whatever activity he is doing for awhile. In other words, if it hurts when you do that, don't do that!

Kathy--When I first got into gardening and landscaping someone, who was a seasoned gardener, told me that a garden wasn't really yours until you had re-invented it about a million times. Well, they didn't say it quite like that, but that was the general meaning I took from it. I was fretting because the year before I had planted a shrub that I now thought would be in much better spot if I moved it just 4 feet. I wasn't sure it was worth it to go to the trouble. The advice I got was to go for it. I did, and I am still glad I did. And that is still my approach to gardening now. I am always seeing something that needs to be improved and gardening is all about the process. So it sounds like a change will be coming to your garden soon!

DeeMarie--Talking about your commute reminded me of when I was doing that. Several years ago, I drove 50 miles one way to work. It took an hour and a half on most days with traffic and all. DH says I used to come home in the worst mood.

It is interesting how we get ourselves into these things. I mean the trade-off for a job that you love vs. having more time for activities at home vs a nice paycheck vs whatever. I try not to regret the decisions that I make, but it sure seems that life is all about the trade-offs sometimes.

On that note, I will wrap up this longwinded post.

Eat healthy!!

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Well, I just had to come back and report that another 2 pounds are gone! May they never return again.

I am astounded. All I can think about is how much I must have been overeating before. I am now just 1.5 lbs away from being in the "normal" weight zone vs "overweight", the cut-off being 150. So, maybe I should try for another 5 lbs off, and then move to maintenance.

I honestly don't know what weight to shoot for. Mostly I just wanted out of that overweight zone. I am small boned, so going back to 140 should be possible. That was my weight about 10 years ago, and it seemed like a good weight at the time.

I feel skinnier for sure, but I do wish my stomach was flatter--still have that annoying roll there. Oh well. Can't have everything. Probably need to do sit-ups and what-not. Ugh!

Have a great day, everybody, and I hope you are all losers, too!

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