xminionJuly 21, 2013

Anyone put together a luau? No can do a roast pig, here.
What did you substitute for the 'pig' ?

Pork loin doesn't really appeal to me...any other suggestions?

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Did you check the Cooking forum?

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Thanks, SP -

Since we're here at the entertainment forum....if you were invited to a luau on the Mainland....other than the trad. roast pig on a platter...what would you like to see/do?

Live Music
Free Ukulele Lesson
Hawaiian theme decorations/clothing


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Better ask in the Cooking forum. I am the last person to ask that question, since I have no interest in themed parties except to meet interesting people and talk, same as any other party I'd go to.

I will say that my husband's cousin and family in Hawaii eat far more fish than anything else.

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How about Hula lessons?

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