deb0615September 16, 2005

hi i am deb 51 and needto lose weight. the real problem is i am majorly hypothyroid. i am a really high dose of meds. losing weight for me means to starve. i am 5'2 and am 198. i have gained 10 pounds recently, i have been waitng for a total knee replacement since july and have been unable to do alot bewcause of the pain. i have been a nurse for 30 yrs. and played softball until i was 37. i have always been active and still stayed over weight. i worked in my gardens like a horse (200 plants in ONE bed and had several beds) any suggestion or someone who has the same prblems would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Deb!

WELCOME to Diet Chat!

I am a major hypothyroid person as well. I found that combining my Synthroid with a small dose of Cytomel is what helped me get off the spot and start losing weight. My doc is pretty forward thinking and works with me (blood tests every 6 months) to keep the combined doses right.

Exercise is a MUST to keep the weight off, but it is not a must for you to start losing weight. So you can start before you you get your knee replacement----it'll make healing easier anyway!

The weight comes off slowly, but at least it comes off! Heres some of the things IÂve done to lose 23 pounds and over 15 inches this year, so far:

The first thing is I don't eat much salt. Yep, NO SALT, if you help it. It just absorbs water and weight that is a bully to get rid of! Toss your salt shaker and use anything else to season food! And avoid salt-loaded Chinese food too!

I have 6 meals a day:

Brekky: 300 cals

Snack: 100 cals

Lunch: 300 cals
Snack: 100 cals

Dinner: 3-400 cals

Dessert: 100 cals or a HansenÂs diet soda (no calories, no sodium) if I am feeling like I ate too many calories that day.

I do not count calories, but these are estimates for each meal. And I NEVER skip a meal or a snack----donÂt under eat!

For instance:

Brekky: 1 cup of Kashi-brand cereal (11 grams fiber) with nonfat milk OR a 140 cal Yoplait whipped yogurt and a slice of 80 cal whole wheat toast. As well, I have 12 ounces of hot fat free milk mixed with Nescafe and Splenda or sugar-free International coffee.

Snack is 100 cal pack of cookies or 100 cals worth of cheese doodles AND an apple or some other fruit.

Lunch: 1/4 cup tuna salad (mix it with mayo, pickles, and pepper) and a salad with fat free dressing or olive oil, vinegar, and seasonings (I like to add steak rub seasoning even tho it has a little salt, it is very flavorful in dressings!) Or a salad with meat, chicken, shrimp, or fish on it and n/f dressing.

Snack: Piece of fruit or -----a banana if IÂm feeling I need a mid-afternoon sugar boost. Even though I love bananas, I donÂt eat them often because I donÂt metabolize them very quickly. I eat a piece of smoked salmon and a 100 cal pack of crackers or cookies as well.

Dinner: ½ plate of veggies, ¼ of a plate of fruit and a serving of chicken, seafood, or fish (the size of a deck of cards, height and width). I eat beef maybe twice a month, but it is really heavy so I avoid it unless I get a real craving.

I absolutely have to FORCE myself to exercise even when IÂm cold or tired or donÂt feel like moving. Even if IÂm not doing something aerobic, thereÂs no excuse not to get a pair of medium hand weight and lift, lift, lift----during commercials on TV, or when youÂre talking with a friend or relative. This builds muscle and increases your metabolism. I also have some very interesting books that I ONLY allow myself to read when IÂm on my elliptical machine. I know you need a knee replacement, but when you get it, read and rehab! I hate exercise, but I have a strong desire to lose weight and be healthy, and no matter what everyone can do it --- there is a way! Docs can help a lot, as can a good nutritionist, but I have tried every fad diet there is out there and they donÂt work long term. No magic bullet for hypothyroidism, just hard work and strong will!

Good luck and join us on SS Daily! Post your food diary, vent, or share exciting goals and reward yourself!

((((((((HUGS))))))) and stay with it! GOOD TO HAVE YOU HERE!

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Hi Deb!

How ya doing?

Did you start anything?

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