Crosley record album to CD creater

earthwormDecember 15, 2006

This is new?, at least for "Crosley"; an integrated machine that transfers data from a LP record to a CD via the "burn" method.I did see a similar machine from Monkey Wards some years ago, and the Teak 350 also competes.

Most interesting at $400, but far too many details are unknown..

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Way too expensive for what it does and how well it likely works. But if you don't want to buy pieces-parts and hook them up yourself, then it's a one-stop shop.

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Its a Crosley Songwriter CR 248, looks good, but this means little. The Sherwood Newcastle looks great but is a POS..

Thanx for the reply Steve...
"Crosley" never did return my eMail inquiry.

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Still no reply - but I may have written to the wrong place.
Still, this is yet another case of a big multi-national company buying a trade-name and pasting that to something cheaply made in China..
Business cannot be trusted.

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