Daily Diet/Exercise Journal - JUNE

kathyg7777May 31, 2004

I can't believe it's June already!!! Hope some of our long, lost friends find their way back to us! :)

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Hi KathyG7777,

I'm here!, and I too can't believe it's June already!! I've been really busy lately. I purchased the old Post Office in our very small town. It was built in 1916 and was about to fall down. My husband and I have put it totally back together again. WOW...what a job it has been. We are just about finished. Hopefully by the first of July I will be sitting in my new Sewing Boutique. I CAN'T WAIT!!

Anyway...I am still a non-smoker (since Jan.6, 2004)**PAT-PAT myself on the back**, I now have the weight thing under control (back down to my normal weight), and life is looking wonderful again!!

Glad to be back...hope everyone is doing well...and looking forward to checking in and posting more frequently.

Have a nice weekend!!


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Hi Kathy! I am still here, also.
Just been staying so busy with dh home everyday recouping from the broken ankle. My mom is still visiting with me until June 19th.
I have not exercised at all or watched my diet very well. Although, I am only up a couple pounds. After mom leaves, I plan on getting back to a regular routine.
Thanks for hanging in there! I will be back!!!! Wanda

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Pam - Wow!! It sounds like you have really been busy! Congratulations on not smoking and reaching your weight loss goal!! You should be very proud of yourself!

Wanda - Nice to hear from you again! When will hubby be up and about again? I bet he just can't wait!

I just started this week back into a regular exercise program. Prior to this I had lost 5 lbs but it kept finding me again...LOL So I started a program with a little more structure and I'm planning my meals in advance - which makes the world of difference for my success.

Will check in again later in the week! Hope everyone is doing well! :)

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Hi! I am back after surgery. It is two weeks today and the doctor said I can get back to exercising. In the meanwhile, I wanted something to do and so for the past two weeks I have been trying to cut down on snacking. It is NOT EASY *sigh*

Superbee ...one step at a time...

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A mile today...hurray!

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Superbee - I'm with ya on that one...cutting down snacking is NOT easy. Especially this time of year when there's so many BBQ's and parties going on and the kids are out of school and food is in abundance!

I've been slowly building into a workable workout program. I've been building my minutes all week and I think I hit on the right combination. Five days a week - 60 mins total (split between treadmill and toning/strength training exercises). I was faithful all week and just finished up my workout for today.

Enjoy the day! :)

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Kathy...I am so mad at myself. I did the two mile walk today and was so happy to get through it since I was without exercise for two weeks and then...grrrr...and then I go and pop some of those chocolate covered almonds that someone gave me in my mouth. And of course, four pieces aren't good enough...so in go some more. Ughhhhhhh...can you see I feel like a pig :(

Down with snacking down with snacking...esp. the chocolate kind LOL

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Superbee - I think we have the same disease----once we start, we just keep going! LOL In the past, I've used it as an excuse to just give up. Now I just get over it, move on and get back to the program.

I didn't workout yesterday as I had awful abdominal cramps and a headache all day. But tonight I was feeling better and got right back to my workout. I am journaling and that seems to help me stay on track a little better. I guess I feel a little more accountable; I'm not sure who I think is going to read it..LOL, but hey, whatever works!

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Sunday has become my new "weigh-in" day as I started my new program on a Sunday. Even with a little bit of cheating on the food end of things, I lost 3 lbs last week! I worked out 5 days last week. I'm also measuring and I lost .5" from chest, 1-1/2" from waist (yeah!), .5" from hips and .25" from thigh, nothing from arms. This is just what I needed to keep me motivated for the upcoming week!

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Congrats on the weight loss Kathy! That's wonderful. I checked in this past week and only lost half a pound :(

Btw, what exercise do you usually do? I usually do the Walk away the pounds DVDs and sometimes I do Pilates for Dummies.

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But a loss is a loss, Superbee! :)

And speaking of losses, I did NOT have any this week. I stayed exactly the same. It was a very stressful week at work so I did not do particularly well with my eating. I did still exercise 4 days.

To answer your question, Superbee, a typical workout for me is: 30 minutes of treadmill, 20 mins of workout tape (various Slim in 6 tapes) and 10 min tape of either arms or abs (I alternate these 2 as these are my 2 weakest areas).

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