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Got a invite to my grand-neice's christening who is several states away.

Typically, is a gift in order? I'm not Catholic so if anyone could please enlighten me on proceding - I'd appreciate it.

BTW this infant's family is loaded with dough.


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Well, typically a gift would be in order, but considering you are several states away, I would think the invite would be serving more as a announcement of sorts. I take it you aren't going, and aren't anyone's Godmother, right?

I would think you could skip on the gift. I personally never thought of a Christening as a big gift giving occasion anyway. If you have the money and feel the need, you could always mail something small. Or, some may suggest mailing a card with a little money (although personally I would think giving a token amount of cash to a baby of a wealthy couple is sort of tacky) but it's not really necessary especially if you aren't in the habit of sending all your relatives and their children money for their special occasions.

I don't think you can really go wrong no matter what you do. I would probably at least acknowledge the occasion by sending a card/note (yes, even without money!) which is often the most gracious, IMHO, in this age where children often have way too much to begin with.

Below is a site with some gift ideas if you choose to go that route.

Here is a link that might be useful: Catholic Supply

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If you are compelled to send something, I would send a nice book. Maybe a child's book of prayers with a written note inside.

Or - a card would be fine too - with or without money. We christened our son last year at this time and got some gifts, but most were the same type of gift and the thought was nice, but we wouldn't have been offended any way if someone brought us a card or not. We were happy just to celebrate it with friends.

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If you are not attending a card will suffice. However if you are personally close to the parents a gift would be a lovely thought. The fact they are loaded isn't really relative, it doesn't have to be anything expensive.

As an Irish Catholic I can say that money is not usually given but I think that it is quite common for Italian Catholics to do so. A keepsake is more in order in our family.

Some ideas, a gold necklace with a cross, a silver baby cup, or childs cutlery set, a child's bible or prayer book, a religious medal for a necklace, a book about their patron saint.

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I am not flying in for the christening. Thanks for the ideas and opinions - I really appreciate it!

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I am an Irish Catholic too, and we always give money or a bond for a Christening/Baptism. I guess each region has its own customs.
If you are not going, a gift , as someone mentioned, a book maybe, is a lovely gesture.

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A small gift is always appropriate for a Christening. Something religious in tone. As mentioned in previous posts, religious jewelery, prayer books, picture frame for a photo to remember the day, etc. NancyLouise

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Would a contribution to an appropriate charity in honor of the child's christening be a good idea?

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If the child has the name (first or middle) of a saint, a small token of that saint would be appropriate as well. Google catholic gifts, and you will find plenty of on-line places who will ship the gift for you. I am also a big fan of the card with no money route. Good luck!


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I'm not sure if you were really asking a question or not. Your idea seems like it would be a good one (especially since religions usually promote charities) but for some reason I just don't think it would fly. It would sort of be similar to doing that for a kids b-day party present. Just not the least not yet.

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I really was asking -- I often send a contribution to a charity in honor of a big occasion, especially if I cannot attend and if I know a favorite organization of the honoree. I wouldn't do it for a child's birthday party. I am not Catholic and didn't know if this is common for christenings. Thank you for the useful information.

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I agree with KathleenLI I think region has alot to do with in New York you NEVER go to a wedding with a present NEVER! Christenings too are money envelopes...I was shocked when I flew to California and at the reception there was a table with wrapped gifts I asked my Aunt a removed New Yorker who explained that this is common...I think Id be talked about for years if i went to a wedding in New York with a gift...but money is the thing up here. Its getting to the point when your invited you really had better wanted to go to this affair and most places you have to hit the envelope hard! Id maybe send money or a special item like a piece of baby Lenox etc.

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I surely hope Miss Manners doesn't get invited to a New York party with her negative views on giving money as gifts!!! --LOL Heads would be rolling!!!

I'm still sort of working on why a great aunt in another state who wouldn't attend would even be invited. I have never been invited to a Christening out of state; and never thought of inviting relatives out of state; has any one else? Let me guess, first child?

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When I worked at the greenhouse, I was invited to the christening of a co-worker's child. They are immigrants, and speak almost no English, and I speak very little Spanish. Unfortunately, I knew I would be unable to attend. Still, it was an honor to have been invited, (they threw a huge party) and I wanted to acknowledge such an important event for the parents, who are devout Catholic. Having been raised a foot washing Baptist, I didn't know if this was like a baby shower with a religious ceremony, or what exactly was considered proper. I asked around and was told that a token gift (like a Bible or a saint's medal) is considered appropriate. But I figured people closer to the family would bring those gifts, so I bought some scrapbooking baby things and decorated a blank card. I also decorated a plain white gift bag and wraped three things in tissue paper; a coin, a candle, and a small stone. On the card, I explained the gifts this way:

"Along with my good wishes on your special day, I give you three things;
A coin, that you may never be poor. A candle, that you may always have the light of love in your life. And a stone, that as you grow up to be a good man that your faith will be like a rock."

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I suspect that this ship has sailed since the original post was several months ago.

I think that any gesture sort of memento gift would have been nice.

Since the poster was not Catholic, religious items may have been a bit strange. Another thought might have been one of those baby bonnets that turn into handkerchiefs for when the baby grows up and marries.

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I'm planning on giving some kind of flower seeds for my sons christening, and i was hoping you guys could help me with a nice quote that goes along with growing or planting a seed...any ideas???

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