Do digestive enzymes make you drowsy?

NancyB007May 9, 2004

I'm taking digestive enzymes to help my poor digestion but they make me sooooooo drowsy that I can't even function for 4 hours afterwards. Is this normal? The dosage is 2 with each meal but even one knocks me over. Most M.D.'s say they are not even necessary because most digestion takes place after the food leaves the stomach. Health sites say they are necessary. Who to believe. I think I will only be able to take them at night when I'm hyper. THoughts?


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/what is in these "enzymes"

FYI - the MDs are right. The "health sites" are selling the things.

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health sites that sell digestive enzymes say they're nessecary...

ones that don't never seem to mention them.

are you chewing your food, eating small portions, and not diluting your stomach acid with too much liquid during meals?

that's how we prep food for digestion. that's how we've done it for 20,000 years..and how animals with effecient digestive tracts do it.

not to mention there's one enzyme that breaks down protein, one that breaks down carbs...and they cancel one another out, so if you're taking enzymeS, that might be why you're sleepy- you're forcing things to work overtime.

what IS the ingredient list on these pills, anyway?

and what are you eating?

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i did not check the part yesterday for others to send me email via the forms here. sry, but i found it today, and checked it, and would like to know where you bought the enzymes, what brand they were, and what enzymes were listed

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Enzymes make some people sleep becaue they break down food and matter in the digestive tract so they cause toxin to enter you bloodstream thus making you sleepy or drowsy. These reaction may not last long and you can lessen the effects if you drink more water to help speed up the flushing of these toxis from your body. Never take enzymes on an empty stomach unless you plan on eating right afterward. Reason: enzymes break matter and food down if there is nothing in your body to break down then the enzymes may be too strong and cause you to feel sleepy, get a headache, or feel foggy. If you are new to enzymes you more than likely should start slow. Get your body use to this new digestive aid by taking just 1 capsule twice daily with meals or just before meals. After a few weeks go to 3 or 4 capsules daily 1 before 3 meals or 2 before 2 of your meals. Enzymes do speed up your metabolism and this is a good thing but may take some getting use to.

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I've taken them in the past and noticed no drowsy effect. Right now I would take almost anything to make me drowsy. Two or three hours sleep at night is getting old.

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