Turbo Jam

deniselMay 18, 2006

Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there has tried this for exercise. I am hearing alot of positive things about it, but wanted to know if anyone "not" on their website has had success. I do presently lift weights and walk, but would like to change things up a bit and I am not sure if this will be too high of impact!



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Hi Denise -

I love Turbo Jam! I have an incredible collection of workout videos because nothing has succeeded in keeping my attention until this program came along. It has great music and Chalene (creator and instructor) is very motivating. There are cardio workouts of varying lengths as well as strength training/sculpting workouts. Ab Jam focuses solely on your core.

If you're concerned about impact, I can tell you that it can be high impact, if that's what you want. If not, there are always 2 people in each video that do low impact modifications. Be certain, it is just as effective low impact. One of the women doing the low impact modifications is Anna Rita...she is now an instructor, but lost 75 lbs originally doing this workout totally low impact. She had a knee injury prior to ever starting Turbo so her routine has always been low impact. She has the most incredible abs you'll ever see!

If you want more feedback, you can go to the Message Boards at Beachbody.com Even though the Message Boards are on the seller's website, there are just everyday people posting on them. Another place for feedback is VideoFitness.com


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Hi Kathy,
Thanks so much for the info. I too, have quite a selection of videos such as the Firm, Kathy Smith etc...but am needing the change up. I presently walk and lift weights. Turbo Jam looks like alot of fun, but my only concern is that it is alot like tae bo. I fell into that craze a few years ago, and ended up bored. Turbo Jam by what I can see, seems alot more fun. I was impressed to hear about how effective the low impact was with this workout too~ Was wondering how your personal success has been with Turbo Jam.
Thanks again,

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Hi Denise,

I love TJ. I have a collection of over 200 workouts. I loved it so much I ended up getting certified to teach the gym equivalent called Turbo Kick.

If you are interested in trying it, maybe consider the QVC set. QVC has an excellent return policy much better then dealing with Beachbody.


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I love Turbo Jam and it really does work! I have a ton of videos and this is one of my favorites. I started to see results in a few weeks. Some of those people in it lost a ton of weight and are HOT! And you can make it as tough or as easy as you need it to be. Highly recommend!

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