adichristiMay 6, 2009

I am looking for a good pair of sneakers for when I walk and go on my Elliptical, what's a good sneaker for that? Thanks...

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"Keds" brand/type are really just fun shoes, not with proper support for walking and eliptical work. Your feet will hurt if you use a shoe like that for exercise. You need an athletic shoe which is labeled on the box as a walking shoe. There are lots of brands: Ryka, New Balance, Avia come to mind. And you need to wear a good athletic sock with these shoes.

Every person's feet are different, so it's difficult to say which one you should get. Every brand and style of shoe seems to have its own cut and fit. If you go to a store to try them on, you should wear the kind of athletic socks you plan to wear with the shoes. Walk around the store a bit to see if they are wide enough, don't slip on the heel, and have enough arch support. You also need good room for your toes, and not too tight across the top of the foot. Sometimes you'll need to size up because athletic socks are usually heavier than regular socks. The shoes needn't be expensive.

That said--I'll tell you I like Avia shoes. They just seem to suit my Size 8 foot which is a little wide at the ball of the foot, but I do still get a regular width, and I do order an 8-1/2 size. I like the model A330W, about $42. I buy them from, and they give you free shipping and free return if you don't like the shoe or want to exchange it. They have many other athletic shoe brands besides Avia. I also have a pair of New Balance WW811 which are quite comfy and a little wide in the toe box if you need that.

If you look at shoes there, be sure to read the description carefully and also the customer ratings.

Good luck. Let us know what you get.

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I walk in my Keds (because that's all I have right now) and you are right -- after too long my feet hurt. Not enough support for serious walking.

I do like because they are light however.

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