Cheap small MP3 players with FM radio

LibbyLizDecember 25, 2007

I'm in need of a very inexpensive small MP3 player with built-in FM radio.

I'd like it to not have any raised knobs or buttons & I'd like it to have a display screen so I can see what's going to play.

I don't want any video capability because I need to give my whole attention to the ground & feet due to an imbalance problem.

Please do not try to sell me on Zune or iPod or anything else of comparable cost/bells & whistles. I will not look at/purchase such.

I just need something that has a great reputation for its cheap price; not breaking easily, sounding excellent, holding enough songs for three 1-hr workouts at the gym or walks around outdoor tracks ...

Thanks & happy holidays! :)

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Sandisk 4GB w/FM

refurbished from $59 or save $10 with Google Checkout option

link below:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have used RCA, Sandisk, iRiver and SonyÂs over the last 5 years.

I would recommend one of the iRiver MP3 players .... very simple drag and drop loading of songs ,,,,sound qualiy comparable to iPODÂs. Cheap on ebay. The 512mb memory will hold at least 90 songs and has FM. Comes with an armband usually. Uses one single AA battery ,,,,, simple power is the best power,,,, a spare AA is always somewhere to be found ,,,, I use the NiMH rechargables.

Avoid SonyÂs as their computer interface "bites" ,,,, loading them is a pain. Avoid any device with an actual hard drive ,,,, they are more prone to shock,,, and they will fail eventually. Ya I know there cool ,,,,, but a friends with a dead, but pretty iPod has turned me off those,,,,, nice if "value for your money" is not your main concern. The Sandisk I had won used a nice large screen, was simple, sounded great and was OK to load ÂÂ but it wasnÂt so good as to go to the trouble of installing and learning it to replace any of the 3 iRivers we run in this family.

One complaint with iRiver is they have lots of shared buttons ,,,,, so learning every feature is a bit cumbersome. I also use a Sony-Ericson phone/camera/mp3 player for music now ,,,,, combines devices for me ,,,,, great sound ,,,,, but the interface just "BITES" (I really mean it!).

Good luck,,,,,,KC

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My son refused to buy an Ipod, so he got the CreativeZen mp3 player. Has had it for a few years and loves it.

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Thanks for the info.

I was considering a SanDisk, but maybe not now. ???

I was also considering an iRiver.

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find some local stores that you can try them.

Walmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, ect.

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You can actually play around with & listen to them?!?!?! 8-O

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A friend just told me about three types she found on eBay, they're from Japan I guess & they look like iPod knock-offs.

I didn't see any names associated with them, but after shipping she paid around $50 or maybe it was less.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, does anyone know if these are good or bad?

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regus_patoff has the refurbished 4GB sandisk for
$50 + $5 shipping
(items change EVERY DAY) still has the refurbished 4GB Sandisk NOW $64 FREE SHIPPING.

link below

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Creative Zen Stone....

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Bought 2 sandisk mp3 players with 1 gb for my 2 sons (teens) few years ago for Christmas. Each has been through the washing machine and is still working. They are small and durable.

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