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carol23_gwDecember 2, 2009

Is there an economical way to go about installing a camera ?

Recurring vandalism has been a problem at a friend's house. It would be helpful to know what is necessary to record the offender in the act.

I think the camera can be mounted inside by a window, facing the areas where damage has been done.

I did a search on this topic but found very old posts.

Can the computer monitor be used to view what the camera picks up? How can she record one day at a time?

Thanks for your help.

Anyone have a system they recommend?

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yes,if you have already install the security camera,you can contact it with your computer minitor,that make your friend can view what happened outside.
if she just need to keep it turn on everyday ,if something special on someday ,she can replay the record of that day to know what has happened.

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You can accomplish this very easily and inexpensively utilizing your average webcam and Active Webcam software seen here:

Once you install the webcam and software, note that you do not need to purchase this software, in it's 'trial' mode you will have all functionality that you are looking for. The camera will be motion activated and record live video to the hard drive, it can also be configured to send email messages with pictures, upload to a website any number of things.

I use this and it is very effective and easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: security camera software

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Thank you very much, more_to_grow! that's exactly the information I needed.

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The performance of your monitor is vital to the way you receive the information being conveyed from your

computer. There are some very important specifications that govern a monitorâÂÂs performance,

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