Length of Exercise session?

hayjud_mnMay 7, 2003

I am trying to lose 20 - 30 pounds, bring up my HDL and feel better.

I'm using an exercise bike with the arm levers. A friend of mine managed to do this with a one hour a day workout on her bike. I find it very hard to keep going for a whole hour. Can two 30 min. sessions do me as much good as an hour long session?

I really want to stick with this, and after a week and a half, I'm finding myself trying to get "other things" done before starting on the bike, because it is such a big chunk of time.

Do you think 30 min in the morning and 30 min in the afternoon will be just as good?


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Any amount of time is better than nothing. Do as much as you can in the morning and as much as you can in the evening. Schedule your sessions soon after you eat and before you start your tasks. Don't put it off. Waiting until "later" puts it on the bottom of your list. Even if you don't manage but 15 minutes at a time, it's calories burned. And that adds up to weight loss.

If trying to work out for an hour is making it difficult, then change. For you, it might even work better. I know that if I rode an exercise bike for one hour, when I got off, I would lie down and take a nap. LOL

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By all means it is enough! A good rule of thumb I heard is that, no matter what you do, walking, treadmill, other machines, that you should never do less than 20 minutes in order to get the most benefit. And they recommend at least 20 minutes a day 3 days a week.

If you do 30 minutes even once a day, and you do it daily, you're getting plenty of benefit!

Good for you!

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Hayjud -
I bet that friend did NOT do a full hour from the beginning, but worked up to it.

The best times for exercise are right after you get up and right before you go to bed ... just stagger in there and do it while the coffee is perking, have a TV so you can watch news or a movie and slog away.

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Thank you for the encouragement!
For the last two days I've managed a half hour in the morning, but never quite managed to get that other session in. We have a lot going on around here right now, so I hope soon I will be able to manage a better schedule. Now what I have to fight is that appetite that sets in right after exercising. LOL Always something!

30 min is MUCH easier to do!

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I have to say something, here. Do not exercise after a meal. It can make you very nauseous.Have your coffee with a slice of toast and/or a piece of fruit (for carbs and natural sugars for energy) and THEN do your stuff.They say now that caffeine boosts metabolism,too. And, lastly, do not workout before bed. In fact, you shouldn't workout after 3pm or so because exercise is an energy booster and can possibly keep you awake if you are prone to insomnia. I do weightlifting, not aerobics, so I couldn't say how long your sessions should be to attain your peak weight, but I try to always do something.For example, I will do leg lifts while washing dishes, I'll use bags of groceries for a couple sets of shoulder exercise before I unpack them, etc. It all counts. Good luck!

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I just thought I'd check in again. For this past week I have been on my bike for at least 35 min each day (in the morning after my muffin.) Twice I have managed 50 minute sessions by using the arm things for the first half hour, and then sitting upright with a good book for the rest of the time. That last portion of time goes fast with the book. I know it's not as good a workout for the last part, but it is still burning calories. Tomorrow will be three weeks since I bought (and started riding) the bike, and I haven't lost a single pound yet. That is a bit discouraging, because I have also been eating better at the same time.
I will not give up.

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I know what you mean, I've walking 1-3 miles a day (with a video, so it takes 20-40 minutes to do), and I haven't lost a single pound. The scale says I've even gained a pound or two. DH says I'm losing inches (But not where I want!!), so it seems to be doing it's job, but I want to see results...NOW!!


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Just doing the legs is STILL a good workout. When you use your thigh muscles, you are using the biggest muscles in your body. The aerobic and cardiovascular benefits should not be ignored. Just the fact that you do something daily that gets yourself off the couch and moving is to be commended. You need to stop belittling what you are doing. You deserve KUDO's for your work so far!

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I am kind of proud of myself for sticking with this. I just would like to see some change on the scale!

I actually started on Jan 2 with walking at least five days a week. Because of a past foot injury it took me a couple weeks to get over 15 min each time, but then I averaged 45 min of walking. After 4 months I gained 3 pounds, although I had lost a pants size. Now after biking for 3 weeks, I have gained another pound Grrrrr!
I'm delighted that I lost that size, but I want to see THE number go down. I'm feeling healthier then I have in at least 25 years.

To try harder, I am now cutting down on sweets (candy, cookies and that kind are almost none.) I do eat fruit, but I think although it is also sugar, it has been good for me. I wonder if the fruit smoothie mid-morning is too much sugar at once. If I don't see a change soon, I may have to attack the smoothie (at least make it smaller - 12oz now, with soy protein powder.)

Well, I'm just rambling on!.....Going biking!!!

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Hayjud -
STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF! Muscle is DENSER than fatty tissue, so exercise does not initially produce much weight loss, and can produce a gain.
Measure waist, thighs and hips and track progress that way. Take a pair of non-stretchy pants that used to be snug and use them for a bench mark. If they are getting looser, that's progress. Somewhere around day 45 of a regular exercise program your body finally takes it seriously (it takes 30-60 days to increase the number of energy-burning mitochondria in your muscle cells)

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lazy (I tend to think you are not lazy)
I'm real pleased that I have dropped one size in pants. Even so I have this big belly that makes clothes look rediculous! I'm sure eventually it will go too.
You know the old saying "pinch an inch" well I "grab a blob" and I think it might be a bit smaller! LOL
I'm not really discouraged, and I have stuck with this for a long time (that is a miracle of it's own!)

BTW my guess is that "big word" means habit-forming! "S"

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Keep up the good work, and know that you may not always see movement on the scale,especially as fat leaves and muscle arrives. At Weight Watchers, it is highly recommended that you do measurements so that you can gauge your progress like that. It keeps you motivated. You're doing super!

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Lazygardens is right. Muscle is alot heavier than fat and anytime you exercise you build muscle and burn fat.I have been weight training alot this past year and have gone from 108lbs. to 120lbs. and have never looked better. My body is firmer and has that sexy curviness that it didn't have when I was thinner. Just watch your thigh muscles. I find it difficult to find pants when I work my legs too much because quadriceps can get quite large.Luckily , muscle atrophies quickly (on me, anyway) so you can just rest a day or two and they get smaller.

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Hayjud, if you have lost a size and are feeling better than you have in 25 years, that is fantastic!! Don't worry about the scales. I know that's easy to say, because I'm a scale person too. When I used to walk on a regular basis I felt better than ever and the very best benefit I received was all that energy!! I couldn't wait to go for my walk! Now, if I could just get back to that feeling.
I know what you mean about the stomach. I used to gain in my thighs and hips, but now I gain in my stomach. And I hate that!
I'm a junk food person, and always have been. I guess I'm lucky that I'm not waaay over weight! I keep thinking that if I would walk and exercise regularly, I could get in shape without giving up food. LOL

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I happened to hear a man on TV talking about diets for being fit and healthy. He said when a person is carrying their extra weight in the belly, it is usally from sweets. Too much sugar, and that is my problem. I'm now into the start of my third week of cutting down drasticly on my sugar intake. I haven't left it out completely, but I can tell you if you try to make a batch of homemade brownies with half the sugar - don't bother wasteing the ingredients! LOL! Yuck! To still indulge myself in chocolate, I eat about 6 - 8 semi sweet chocolate chips. I have always prefered dark chocolate over milk choco. No deserts around here! I have to watch out for beverages with corn syrup in them too. I drink a lot of water.

The first week w/o sugar I thought I was going to have to give up, but I hung in there and wrung my hands a lot, and paced the floor often. It is diffinately an addiction! I have finally lost 3 pounds and my belly is a bit improved. This is tough, and I am sticking with the biking, but "I WILL do this!"

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Judy, I know what you mean about the sweets. I've been on a horrible chocolate kick lately. I think I just have to quit cold turkey! Hey since we ate all the M&M's last night today is a good day to start!!!


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Funny about the brownies! LOL We went to a cookout where a fellow WW member was there. Now, I have made some WW recipes and some diabetic recipes that are good, and some that are...well...inedible.

She brought the brownies that are made with AllBran (the more fiber, the lower WW points the food is). The kids were so excited to eat dessert, and they came and each grabbed a brownie. My 5-yo DD ate one bite, and brought the rest back to my plate. She whispered in my ear, "Mom, I don't know what it is...but something is wrong with these brownies..."

Some things you just don't mess with!

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