Crosley Model 55CP40C104 55in. Projection TV

jmf4x4December 23, 2008

My menu screen wont come on screen after switching from TV to DVD through the menu screen. What is wrong or what can I check?

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Are you using the same input on the back of your tv, or are you using another input? If you are using another input you have to change the input channel on your remote.

I have a number of HDMI inputs on the back of my Pioneer plasma and when I switch from watching the TV to DVD I "click" on the remote for the appropriate input.

If that is not your problem I recommend reading the manuals on both the tv and the projector.

I doubt there is anything wrong---just a learning curve.


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I don't know if you are using HDMI or not, but some DVD players don't output their menu thru HDMI.

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Thanks for the quick replies, but I followed the menu screens in the owners manual as if they were on screen and got the TV back. But I still can't get the menu back on screen and my convergence is all screwed up!The manual says to fix it I have to go through the on screen menu!

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