DVD only does 'open'

catherinetDecember 18, 2009

We have an Apex DVD player. All of a sudden it won't respond to any of the remote commands. It opens up with all of them.

We thought maybe it accidentally got into a locked (parental command) mode, but we can't even get it to play, in order to see if its locked.

I've changed the remote batteries......no difference.

Another weird thing is that my digital converter box remote doesn't work anymore either. Almost seems like something is interferring???

Any suggestions?


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make sure you don't have a button stuck in on one of your remotes.

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jdbillp to the rescue again! LOL!
I can't believe we didn't think to check it......but yes, the "open" button on the remote was stuck in! (only the tiniest bit, but enough to keep it opening all the time. It has those little soft rubber buttons).
Now I don't have to go buy a new DVD player today.
Thanks so much jdbillp!

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Glad to help.

Merry Christmas catherinet!

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Thanks jdbillp.......same to you!

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