Party Decorations/Ideas (link to pictures)

lydia1959June 26, 2007

Thought I'd share some pictures and ideas I used for my DD's graduation party a couple weeks ago. These ideas could be used for lots of different occasions - I didn't go the traditional route with the decor. The tablecloths were made from a bolt of fabric I bought on eBay - just hemmed the cut ends. The vases were bought at Deals for a dollar each and filled with flowers from Micheals. I added some black and white photocopied photos inside the vases. Inside the house I made a display of framed photos and set out small photo albums for the guests to look at. Forgot to take a picture of the food, but there was a lot. Remind me to cater my next big event! LOL

This was posted at the KT and it is just easier for me to post the link than to repost all the photos here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Party Decorations Post

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Very nice...cute ideas, and you lucked out with the weather, it seems!

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