Is anyone else breaking out because of excessive exercise too?

LuckyMay 6, 2002

I was just wondering if anyone else is breaking out because of the added exercise to their daily activity. It's very frustrating because I go to the gym at least five times a week now for about an hour and a half each time and try to drink as much water as possible to not dehydrate (plus I heard it's good for your complexion) and I'm still breaking out like crazy these days. I don't wear make-up to the gym and I even wash my face before I hit the work out floors. I normally have very oily skin, so I'm very prone to breakouts, but is there something else I should be doing like washing my face before heading home? I do shower every other day since I do have to go to work afterwards, but maybe on the days I go to the gym after work I need to wash my face first?

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Hi Lucky,
I guess I am "lucky" when it comes to this cuz I do not break out too much. I would say, yes, wash your face after a work out and perhaps get some acne meds to apply as well. My daughter has this problem. I bought her Lever2000 soap for her back (helped a lot) and I took her to dermatoloigist as well. She is prone to acne but she is a teenager. Good luck:)

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I love LEVER2000 soap. I use that to shower every night at home. I love feeling squeaky clean as compared to soaps like Dove. Anyway, I'm thinking of seeing a dermatologist as well, but am still debating... I guess I might as well take advantage of my medical benefits right now while I have it.

I think I'll also try washing my face every time after I finish working out whether I'm going home or heading straight to work. Maybe that will help.

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Sounds good. I had to take my daughter to the dermotologist. He gave her a face wash, a gel to use for the day time and then a stronger one at night. I am always on her to make sure she uses that stuff.
Take care.

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