How do you care for blisters?

LuckyMay 22, 2002

Well I am an exercise-a-holic and go to the gym everyday (sometimes twice a day) and am wondering how you all care for your blisters. I enjoy running everyday, but have this blister that is killing me on my left foot. I've been drenching it with either vaseline or triple antibiotic ointment and covering it with a bandaid during the day for work (I wear tennis shoes for work.) then reapply more and apply a new bandaid once at the gym and vice versa. I read somewhere that you aren't supposed to pop the little buggers. Any suggestions? I'd hate for a blister to keep me from running everyday.

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I would not use the vaseline. I would stick to Neosporine or something similar when shoes must be worn.

Then when at home, or at night sleeping, leave it open and clean so it can air out. Before you know it, it will heal.

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I always heard you weren't supposed to drain a blister either, but look what I found on the internet! This website is specifically for walkers.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to treat a blister

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I have a tendency of getting blisters on the backs of my heels and I always use a needle to make a small hole so they will drain and then I dab a layer of Vitamin E (from a gel cap) over it which helps in the healing process. I bandage it during the time I'm wearing shoes which will rub but I remove the bandage at night so the air can get at it and heal it much quicker.

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