what's another entree to serve with lasagne?

jubileejJune 11, 2011

I have friends coming over tomorrow night - and thought I would make up a pan of lasagne, but to be on the safe side (the wife is of Swedish descent) would like to have an alternative, milder entree. What would pair well?

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How about a poached salmon with a light dill sauce? It would be good either hot or cold.

I have no idea what the wife's being of Swedish descent has to do with anything, though. I thought everyone liked lasagne.

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How about Eggplant Parmesan for anyone who is a vegetarian? Super easy to make and in my house my guests gobble it up.

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Salad or Steamed/Saut�ed vegetables would go nice with Lasagne. And try to have something cold preparation if are so worried about your friend�s Swedish descendent wife.

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