Tip or gift for one's personal trainer?

LuckyMay 17, 2002

I was wondering if any of you have ever included a gift (whether monetary or an actual gift) for your personal trainer when handing them a thank you card for all of their help. My personal trainer has been such a great motivator for me and I wanted to show him my gratitude somehow (Other than "jumping his bones!" I'm sorry, that was uncalled for, but he is HOT!!! LOL!). I'm planning on getting him a nice thank you card from Hallmark this weekend, but wasn't sure if he'd find it tacky if I dropped some cash in there for him. We tip everyone else, why not a personal trainer? What do you all think?

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if you do not have a problem with it, go for it!
Or maybe a gift certificate at a health store or a good restraunt?

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Lucky, I suddenly have this feeling I could use a personal trainer of my own:)
You could get him a gift certificate like Chantel said anything to do with health would probably be appropriate.

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I have had a trainer for 2 years and this is my thinking.

I pay him to work me out, and he does. So, I am paying him to do his job. I only tip waitresses who make $2 an hour and depend on tips. I feel I pay my trainer fairly.

However, at Christmas we do give a nice gift or cash (whatever he needs at the time). Last Xmas he was on a BW3 kick, so we got him gift certificates and the special sauce. We only give him cash/gifts on occassions that call for it. (birthday,graduation, wedding, etc)

I DO understand how you are thankful, but personally, I think a card would be enough.

I do know that he has some VERY rich clients who give him Theater and concert tickets, cash for dinner, clothing, etc. But I am not one of those clients.

This is just my opinion, and I may be way off.

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It might be a nice gesture...
BUT, you don't know how he would feel about it and he might just feel that it is not proper. There would not be anyway to undo what was done.

You are paying in full yourself, aren't you?. He is not being paid by someone else is he? His fee is what he feels is correct for his services. Therefore, I think it would be improper to tip. If someone else was getting part of his fee, it might be different.

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I ended up on this forum because I'm looking for a gift for my trainer. But I'm only doing this because he is not getting paid and is always there to help me out when I need, and he does'nt do that for anyone else.
If you are paying your trainer, I really think it is not apropriated, specially if you are a woman giving to a man.
I'm a man and I know that he might understand it wrong.

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Dear Lucky

I know what exactly how you feel. You want to "give" something. What about a QLink pendant? My trainer has worn one for the last 10 years and swears by them. I have now bought one myself. Here is the link http://www.qlinkproducts.com/Scripts/products.asp
Also, what about a watch, diary, journal something to help him in his business, a voucher to Rebel Sports?

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I'm giving my personal trainer a gift certificate for a massage. If you want something slightly less crass than cash, you could always give something cash-like to a store that most people visit at least occasionally.

Here is a link that might be useful: personal trainer chicago

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