Can you overdo cardio workouts everyday?

LuckyMay 22, 2002

I was wondering if there's such a thing as overdoing your cardio workouts each day. Well basically I hit the gym on an average of 9 times per week. I like to run an hour each time on the treadmill. Well basically my personal trainer is telling me that I'm doing too much cardio and that I'll be losing muscle instead of fat and just end up dehydrating myself. So he put me on a daily regimen of 45 minutes max a day of cardio. Can someone please explain this whole bit to me? I just don't understand. I mean isn't it always better to run that extra hour rather than sit at home and watch tv? I just don't understand...

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Get yourself a book on how these things work. then maybe you will understand better. Yes, it is possible to use up more muscle tissue than you can rebuild if you do too much. then you are going to be in BIG trouble.

All of your body tissues, both fat, neural and muscle are constantly being broken down and rebuilt. I suspect with the amount of exercise that you do that you have little fat to use for energy. Therefore, you are breaking down muscle tissue to use. That's the way the body works.

Keep in mind that your most important muscle is your heart. It would be wise to listen to your trainer and give your muscles a proper lenght of time to recover. Watching TV will do this, more running won't.

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My best routine was cardio one day, weight/strength training the alternate day.

What you will find is that strength training can bring your heart rate almost as high as a cardio.

But the strength training reaps many benefits for your body, not just the heart/lungs.

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check out this site for tons of info regarding fitness as well.

This is one of the most informative sites on the net regarding weight training and cardio.

And yep, your trainer is right.

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