cribbage, Mexican train, skip-bo ???

lefleur1March 30, 2014

We are suffering from cabin fever! Anybody have suggestions for card games we might try?

We have many of the *board* games we used to play with our kids ... but ... I don't know, just looking for something where I don't have to pull out the *boxes* of monopoly board etc. etc. etc.

Thanks for any suggestions ~~

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Well, cribbage needs a board, although I suppose you could keep score on paper. The visual of the board is nice if you have one.

How many are you? I like Spades, Hearts, and Knock Rummy for three or four, Poker for whatever number, and Honeymoon Bridge for two.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We used to enjoy Canasta, and for a simpler card game, we'd play "may I?"

But there's always charades and trivial pursuit type things...puzzles on line...jigsaw puzzles from the library.

Or better yet, how about doing some baking! Nothing beats cabin fever like the aroma of freshly baked whatever.

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We like to play 31, also called Scat and a variety of other names. All you need is a deck of cards.

Here is a link that might be useful: 31/Scat/Ride the Bus/Blitz

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Great suggestions and I intend to follow up on all of them ~~ well, not the baking thingy cuz the calories are killers for someone who is already suffering from cabin fever ~ dontcha know constant and egregious over-eating is one of the major symptoms of cabin fever? (grin)

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DH & I love to play Gin (also called Gin Rummy) and Backgammon. When we get together with friends we often play Catch Phrase or Mexican Dominoes.

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lynne, I wonder if Mexican dominoes is the same as Mexican train?

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Yes, it is the same. Fun!

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Funny that you say skip-bo. I played it many years ago with friends and thought it was great fun -- so I pulled it out to play it with my two college-aged sons this past winter break and they thought it was "the most stupid game ever"! So we have gone back to chess. But, and I know you don't want board games, but -- have you ever played Balderdash? It is a blast -- so much fun!

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Mancala is a fun game with polished stones and a wooden board, some of them are quite pretty, depending upon the materials used. It's a game of equal skill and strategy, a good one for mixed ages.

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