Any yoga people on the forum?

rindalinMay 22, 2006

I just bought a mat, excerise ball, stretch straps and a "yoga for dummies" tape. It looked like it would be sooooo easy. WRONG... I'm finding it to be very hard to do. Is it suppose to be hard? Maybe it's only because I'm so out of shape... I've spent the past several years working at a desk, not getting any excerise at all, so maybe it'll get easier with time.

Any advice from experienced yoga people?

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Suggest you sign up for a beginner's class. I know people who have injured themselves doing yoga.

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I live in an extremely remote location. There are no classes here, unless I start one myself... LOL

I bought tapes to learn yoga. I'm wondering how anyone could hurt themselves doing yoga? Maybe yoga has changed or there are different types of yoga. The tapes I have put a lot of stress on balance, gentle movement and they constantly point out that yoga is mainly controlled breathing.

One of the things they stress on the tapes is to NOT force any movement, only do what is comfortable, but to be aware of breathing in during one movement and breathing out during other types of movements.

The parts that seem to be hard for me are things like balancing on one foot, laying still on the mat for 10 minutes, and other simple movements, that to my way of thinking, seem to have no purpose.

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I've done yoga off and on for 13 years. At one point I was going to 3 classes a week. Since my kids were born it's been hit and miss but here's my suggestion. There's a series of poses called sun salutations. Once you know how to do that( learn from books, video, classes or the internet) I'd do atleast 3 a day. Forever. I promise you that this small bit of yoga, practised everyday will benefit you in more ways than you know. It includes, relaxation, flexibilty and strength. If you grow to love it then learn more poses that are comfortable for you and add them to you sun salutation routine. Yoga is meant to be relaxing and easy on your body. You should not push yourself into poses. Balancing poses are more advanced. Start slow and be nice to yourself.

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itsraining Type in sun salutation in your google search and the first site that pops up is this one. It explains the series of poses I'm talking about. I hold my pose in each segment for 5 breaths for the 1st set, then 3 breaths then one breath for the last. It takes about 10 minutes to do the 3 sets of sun salutations and the effects are tremendous. Worth every second!

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I've done yoga on and off for many years and have found it very helpful for relaxation and flexibility. I agree with others, attending a class is most beneficial. Even if you could get to one occasionally, you would like it. Maybe you and a friend could drive to a class from time to time.

As for lying still for 10 minutes, this is a time of decompression, a time to leave everything else behind and focus on relaxing, the pattern of your breathing. Do some long slow breaths, in and out.

Balancing...are you doing yoga on a carpet? Balancing on one foot is easier on a hard floor like the kit. floor. The balancing activities strengthen your legs and feet. If it's hard, hold in your abdominals and choose a focus point while balancing.

If you stay with it, you will feel fully relaxed after a session, almost like you had a massage from the inside.

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Thanks for the link itsraining. Love those little orange stick people! LOL I'll try doing the sun salutations for a few days, maybe that will help me to get into the routine a little more.

socks, I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with balancing. When I was young I used to stand on one foot a lot, when talking on the phone or waiting in a line, etc. Now I try to balance and I wobble. It's probably the fact that I weight about 50 lbs more now than I did when I was younger. Back then I didn't have near so many bumps and lumps... LOL

I'll have to work on relaxing for 10 minutes. When I'm laying there, I don't relax, I find myself anxious to move on to something else. I'm almost like a hyperactive child, wanting to go-go-go to what ever is next.

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rindalin, I haven't checked out the website given by itsraining, but here's a very important thing to do when balancing: stand straight; if trying to balance on your right leg, switch your upper body, i.e., from the waist up, slightly move to the right so that your center is more over your right leg and vice versa (balancing on left leg). This position gives you a better balance. And like with everything including patience (LOL), it takes practice!

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I love yoga, and started about 30 years ago with a simple book. (It was a lot easier to do when I was 16!) You can learn from tapes and books, but like others, I really encourage you to go to a class - even if you have to travel to get to it. Just one class would help - it will give you a feel for the flow. Yoga is not just a series of exercises, but a moving meditation. It is important to use the breath, and to do the asanas in the correct order.

I would use the props (balls, blocks, straps, etc.) as little as possible. The sun salutation is a good way to get the energy moving through your body (warm up) and will make all the other postures easier. I do at least 5 sun salutations (with variations) before moving on. I do shoulder stand (always followed by fish posture) everyday. I think those are the most helpful postures. Cat/cow is great for after sun salutations.

So, so much easier to learn with a teacher! I'm going to a yoga camp for a week this summer and can't wait!

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If you have Fit tv...they have just started a new series called Namaste Yoga and it is a fabulous program...I tivo'd it so I don't miss any of the programs.....

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I came across this terrific DVD series (Set of 2) called Ageless Yoga. It has both yoga exercises that you can do standing, sitting on the floor and even while sitting on a chair! The teacher says it is tailored toward seniors and people with disabilities. Funnily enough, I got them while I was pregnant and used them to great effect. You can find them at

Here is a link that might be useful: Ageless Yoga

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I think it is very difficult to do yoga without having taken classes and it is extremely important that you do the poses properly to benefit from them and to not hurt yourself.

When doing balancing poses you will find them easier if you engage your abs for stability and try to focus on a non moving spot that is eye level. It is one of the best forms of exercise that I have come across. It is great for the mind, body and soul. People don't believe that you can get a good workout from Yoga, but you most certainly do.

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Another yoga enthusiast here. I agree about the need for classes.I don't seem to have the self discipline to do much at home, alone. But when my back hurts, I will do the Cobra pose.

Be patient with yourself while learning to balance. You might try turning out the leg or foot that is raised. (Ballet dancers get their balance and stability from turning out). Balance is so important, as we age. We are all going to fall, at one time or another, but if you have good balance, you are not so likely to injure yourself seriously. If you work on the balances every day, even a little, it will come.

I think all ages ought to learn yoga, but I do believe it is sort of a fountain of youth.

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Hi, just stopping over from the laundry forum. I too love Yoga. Started about a year ago and wow can I tell the difference in flexibility and even being more calm. A starting class is very helpful. If you are still checking this thread, find out what you can do to locate at least one class.

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Yes, I'm still watching this thread. I'm getting much better at yoga. I've accomplished the balancing and many other poses. Yoga has been great for me. I've lost weight and feel so much better. This will be a life long activity for me. Never did find a class to join or even one to visit. The nearest class I found was about 100 miles from me. If I happen to be in the city and get a chance, I will visit one. Would love to have a teacher tell me if I'm doing the poses correctly.

The ball ended up being a toy for my grandchildren. They love playing with it as it's taller than them. LOL

Thanks everyone for the advice and the encouragement. Yoga Rocks!

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I'd just like to say I started a class once and ended up quitting because there was no to very little attention paid to those with different problems or skill levels. Being somewhat overweight and problem wrists I couldn't do a lot of the poses and had problems. Very little personal attention. Very discouraging so i quit going. If you are a fit person maybe, but to just say "go to a class" doesn't necessarily cut it. Some might have to find a speciality class with a very high teacher to student ratio or one designed for the overweight and these are few and far between. Otherwise you might as save your money and make mistakes at home because no one will catch them in a crowded class anyway.
Glad the CD's are working for you rindalin. I may look at the Ageless ones.

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