Waist has disappeared

Linda_IAMay 5, 2004

I'm a 55 year old female. Very little exercise, due to severe headaches. My waist and hips have become one. What can I do to reduce some of the inches from my waist? I really don't need to, or want to lose any inches from my arms or legs. It's all around my middle. Any help you can give me on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Unfortunately, the waist often thickens during the menopause years and stays when they're over. From what I've seen, exercise and moderate eating are the only things that can stave off some of the change. As you seem to already eat moderately, exercise will probably be the only way to keep your waist.

It's not all about looks, either. Women who are "apples", are more prone to heart disease, diabetes, and breat cancer than those who are "pears".

Good luck. I've been suffering all week with the after-effects of a terrible migraine, so I have some idea how you're feeling. I didn't go to the gym all week.

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Thank you very much. Oh, does my heart ever go out to you. I've had migraines for years, as did my Dad. Best of luck to you in your battle with them.

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have either of you gotten into the new harvard medical study into the use of psylocibin in the treatment of migraines and cluster headaches?

I've been migraine and seizure free for 9 years now, and credit organic treatments that up until now have gotten totally ignored by the medical world (though it was a neurologist who first pointed me in the right direction)

as to the waistline...

pilates and biking whenever you can.

pilates you can do on your living room rug...

and when you bike, stand on those pedals.

even the guy at the state fair underguesses my weight by a good 30 pounds- no one believes I weigh more than my husband. and a lot of it IS my waistline- since I still have one.

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Can you name a specific pilates video Chinacat?

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