Awsome vertial workout

eorroMay 13, 2006

I few weeks ago I got this new device in the mail. ItÂs called the AbGamerÂit is SO AWESOMEÂI have it bound to my Âperiod key (as you can probably tellÂHa! Ha!) The beauty of it is that you actually forget that you are exercising at all. When I first went to the website I wasnÂt really sure if it would work or not, because I donÂt do much online gaming (go to the website and youÂll see what I mean ). But after I finished reading the websiteÂI figured "what the heck, IÂve tried just about everything else know to man to lose weight" and IÂm always on my computer. I was never able to stay on any diet for very long, and with a fulltime job, a husband, 5 kids and 3 dogs (all of which keep me constantly on the run). I never have time to work out. I do data entry all day long at work, and believe it or not I can already see the difference. After using this device for just a couple of weeks, I have already lost 1 ½ inches around my waist and I can defiantly tell the difference in the tone of my Ab muscles.

Emma O.

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