I 've made it to day 4 so far, but...

raveann_98September 30, 2004

I'm dying for some chocolate...lol I'm doing the Atkins diet, am CRAVING Milk & Chocolate. Don't care about the breads, pastas or things like that, but if I don't get some chocolate soon, somebody in this house may get hurt. Been eyeballing my DD's bag of parade candy,,it has the tiny TOOTISE ROLLS in it! Just ONE isn't gonna kill me is it??????? LOL

What's your craving?

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Try mixing unsweetened baking-style cocoa powder with Splenda and Ricotta cheese. That might kill that craving. Tootsie rolls are sugar bombs and will increase your cravings.

My cravings revolve around lemon-flavored sweets and marshmallow peeps.

Stay strong! Cheers!

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I lived on mousse the first few weeks. Ok maybe it wasn't legal in the beginning but I'm still on Atkins almost a year later and 38 pounds lost so it didn't hurt.

1 small box sugar free jello (chocolate fudge of course)
2 small cartons of whipping cream
1 block of cream cheese

soften the cream cheese, add whipping cream, mix then add pudding. When it gets too thick add 1/2 cup of cold water.

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Thanks Kim, I'm gonna try that.
I was pacing the floor waiting for the craving to pass...it didn't, so to distract myself decided to mop the kitchen floor, I think the smell of the bleach did it. lol I'm no longer craving and the floor looks great!

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Could you come over and mop my floor too? I would be happy to help you ward off those cravings HA HA!

Stick with it! You can do it!


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Also the Klondike low carb ice cream fudge bars are wonderful along with being a controlled portion.

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