Recumbent Bike

lisbApril 22, 2006

I am thinking of buying myself a bicycle and was wondering what type you guys (and gals) ride. I am intrigued by recumbent bikes because my back sometimes gives me problems and I thought that maybe this type of bike would be much more comfortable. I read that it takes a little getting used to because you're riding in a different position. Anyone familiar with these?

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My husband is researching them. He needs more exercise and is thinking of getting one to ride to work. He has tried some out and he says you definately need to work at learning to ride them. I have a recumbant stationary bike. It is way better for me than the upright, but it still hurts my butt.

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I just bought one Saturday, after researching them for a few weeks. It is a VisionFitness 2200 with Heart Rate Monitor. I have had a spinal fusion and have back problems--I find that whenever I get back in shape, it takes awhile before I'm strong enough to ride the bike for any length of time.

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