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rosestarDecember 27, 2009

We'd like to be able to watch tv on the iMac that is in our kitchen. The problem is we don't have cable or satellite, just over the air reception. I've looked at Slingbox but I'm not sure that it would work with our "bunny ears." Does anyone know a way we can do this? Thanks

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I'm not real familiar with the iMac but I hope this helps...

For a Windows based computer, a video card is added (they are digital these days but some still include analog. You then only need to connect an antenna.

If the iMac has an older analog card already in it, you need a converter box. The converter box has a connector for bunny ears and I think that should work if you are within 50 miles of a station.

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You will need a USB TV Tuner. Connect it to your USB port and your antenna.

Not sure where to get one for a Mac. Maybe try or the Apple store.

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