27' Philips Magnovox TV problem, please help!

tkjzmamaDecember 13, 2007

I have a 27" Phillips Magnavox tv. I watching tv when the screen went black but I still have sound. Is my picture tube gone or can I save this tv? It's a Nov. 98 with model # 25tr15 c122, then it has chassis model # 25b800-7562. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Time to look for a new one.

We have a 32" that we took in for repair a few years ago.

One of the colors wasn't working.

The minimum charge for a 32" TV was $150 + parts, (part was $24 I could of purchased the part for $2)

Today's repair price would be higher.

They fixed it. Still OK today, but if anything goes bad, we'll look for a new one.

"over the air" broadcasts will stop transmitting the "normal" TV signal Feb. 2009.

You'll need a High Def (HD) TV

UNLESS you have (cable or satellite) with a converter box, then you can use the "old style" TV's

The "old style" TV's may start getting cheap near the end of 2008, OR they may go up on price (supply & demand)

HD's will start getting cheaper, too.

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Did you unplug the power source for a while? I've an old one that must be unplugged sporadically; usually 15 seconds will work but sometimes it requires a minute or two.

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