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Tikanas2September 11, 2006

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Just popping in to say hi. Back after work to catch up!



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Hi Tikanas! Where the heck is everybody???


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Hello everyone!

We had a wonderful time in Tennessee. I got to see a completely different side of life in America. My friend is not taking very good care of herself but I think I managed to get her thinking about changing some things to improve her health. We will be staying in closer contact so maybe I can get those boots out to virtually kick some butt. Although I did not ride her (six) horses, I did look at them in her barn, and I actually "touched" one of her 6 dogs (that's a big deal for me - LMAO!). When I download DH's pictures, I'll send one along to Marci for our photo album.

Make this week count!

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Wake up! It's WEDNESDAY and I know you are out there.

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Good Morning!!

Deemarie your trip sounds fabulous. Can't wait to see the pics. I love Tennessee. It is so pretty.

Well, DH won another trip to Hawaii. We have our choice, Hawaii or Cancun?? I am almost picking Cancun. Not sure yet.

I need a weight loss plan that is going to work for me. I have exercised with the Firm for 6 months now and I am still at the same weight I started. Anyone have any suggestions?

Gotta run. Have a great day.


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Hi Tikanis, Dee, Donna, Jen - what the heck is going on around here?

Dee - I have only been to Tennessee once but it was great - we were in Knoxville and rented a cabin in the woods - the cabin was actually bigger and more modern than the house we lived it at the time LOL. I'm glad you had a good time and will be keeping tabs on your friend.

Donna - Thanks for checking in but we need more info LOL.

Tikanis - I sent you an email last night.

Jen - I have been to Hawaii (Maui) once and Cancun 4 times and would take Maui over Cancun, however the trip to Cancun is so much quicker. I think it really depends on where you stay in Cancun. The people are wonderful and the beach is gorgeous. Let me know if you have a hotel name, I may be able to give you some input on it. I have been going to the trainer since February and didn't start losing weight until I started Carb Addicts in July. I have lost 13.5 lbs and find it very easy. I was careful with what I ate most of the time before I started the diet (mostly SS), but my weight never budged. I don't know why this one works for me, it just does and it is an easy diet for me to live with.

We are ready to hear from the rest of you MIA.

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WOW, it's a party!

Come on people.....check in. If you bought Halloween candy early and ate half a bag, we need to hear from you. If you called for a pizza and downed 4 slices, come here for forgiveness. If you ordered wine with dinner (Raeanne? Suzanne?), that's OK!

We are meeting friends for dinner at The Macaroni Grill to celebrate a birthday. (I did not pick this place!) Trouble on the horizon unless I get myself an online menu and decide on low fat items before we go.

QOD: What are your plans for the weekend?

We hope to work on the house and then go to the Jets/New England game on Sunday afternoon.


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Well why didn't you say there was a party going on here?? LOL

Seriously, I can't believe how long I have been MIA. I am okay just busy.

I had a wonderful camping trip; in fact, it was enchanting. The field was covered with second cut red clover and the Monarch and some other small yellow butterfly were just everywhere in the field. It was truly beautiful to watch them dance in the sun. The moon was full and rose in a big orange ball each evening and then gave way to soft light through the light. The kind of light I could look out of my trailer and see the girls sleeping in the grass...........wonderful. The true topper this year was the performance of bluebirds who visited our camp in masses of 12-20 at a time. No kidding, I have never seen anything like it. They would come and sit on the horse fencing and sing and flirt. It was truly amazing........if only I could have gotten a photograph. They must be gathering for migration as the butterflies are.

The horses were energetic as it was cool and we had some wonderful miles long cantors and trots! It was so nice and I had so much fun.

The weekend almost ended in disaster as we were walking the horses down to the sandy brook for a cooling off Sweet Pea fell down and landed on her side. She was really struggling and I did not know what had happened or how to help her. Suddenly, she laid still and righted herself and got herself up. When she was safe investigated and she had fallen into a bottomless hole which was no doubt a woodchuck's hole. These are the holes that snap horses legs in two. I was almost nauseaous when I looked down into that hole. She had some swelling her fetlock but she was fine the next day. I shudder to think of what had happened if I had been riding her when that happened. Ugh, perish the thought!

Anyway, she was fine and the weekend was wonderful.

You all are right, it's very quiet here!! SO, where is everyone????

Not much else new here - just work, work, work.

DeeMarie, I am SO DISAPPOINTED that you don't have a photo of you on or at least NEAR a horse. You didn't even touch one????? Glad you had fun.

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No Suzanne, I did not touch a horse, but I DID watch them from a window about 100 yards away....does that count? LMAO!!!!!

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Good Evening All,

I am back from wedding bliss! The wedding was just wonderful. The weather could not have been more perfect and everything ran pretty smoothly. Ofcourse there were a few glitches, but anyone attending would not have known. It is such a let down now that it is over, like the day after Christmas, only worse. I will post some pictures when we get them back from the photographer, but I will try to post a picture here that I took of my DH and two DS at the house getting ready. They all looked so handsome that day.

I will post again later, but I just wanted to say hello and I have missed you all.

Love, Besh

I tried putting the picture here, no luck. If someone can email me and let me know how, I would be happy to share!

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Besh - I emailed you.

One week of bending over the kids and I can't straighten up. So I am having a hard time sitting at the computer.

Will try to check in over the weekend. Just wanted to say HI!


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