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ilovepinkJune 16, 2007

I am hosting a luncheon. I have never had a luncheon. I've done dinner parties and parties of 100 people. But, not a luncheon in the middle of the day.

I have a group of women ages 28 to 60.

What time is a luncheon normally? Noon?

I am conflicted on my menu.

I have tons of ideas but need it to pull together.

So I thought I would do tomaote pie (which is border line quiche)

Chicken salad with grapes and nuts (or do I do a simple one with sweet pickles only)

Scones (orange)

I would like to make a salad that has romaine, broccoli, nuts and then ramen noodles with a vinager dressing.

Fruit and veggies

Is this enough? Do I need to add or make something new?

I could add this southwestern cheesecake that I have.

Dessert I was going to do lemon squares and fruit tarts. Bite sized.

Wine, lemonade, water and iced tea to drink.

What would you suggest for my menu?

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I belong to a club that meets for lunch monthly at 11:30, and another meets at noon for a glass of wine and the luncheon is served at 1:00 or 1:15. ( manily because about 1/2 of the group comes late. I have had more bridal luncheons that I can count and the time is usually meet at noon and sit down to eat at 1:00.
A luncheon is usually a set table and plated dishes.
I would doi the chicken salad OR the tomato pie, not both. and serve it on a plate ( duh!!) with a serving of the salad you mentioned and either a few bits of juillienned carrots or a wedge of melon and a few berries or a couple of slices of tomato and some grated cheese on it....just a little decorative "something".
Then serve your scones in a basket at the table and for dessert I would not do the bite sized stuff, but serve one of each on a plate with the coffee....or serve an individual lemon tart....the kind that are 4 inches...or pie....or a brownie and ice cream...
For a luncheon years ago I served cold cucumber soup and then a salad nicoise with a popover and cake for dessert.
Another time I served chiucken salad on a lettuce leaf, with melon and raspberries on the side, several different kinds of breads and rhubarb crisp for dessert.
Don't make it too much.
Linda C

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I think your menu sounds very good. It is always good to have a few different things in case your guests don't like one thing, they can have another. I would def do both things, I don't eat tomatoes or cucumbers or melon, but I would eat the chicken salad and yes, a basket of good breads, flat breads or bread sticks would be nice. I would rather have too much than not have enough variety so that everyone finds something to eat.
I have been to luncheons where I had to stop and get something to eat on the way home as the hostess didn't have a variety of things.
I did a luncheon 2 weeks is the table...

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I just had a bridal luncheon on Saturday at 12 noon here in the Texas Panhandle. We had chicken and mushroom crepes, spinach salad with sliced strawberries and pecans with a raspberry dressing, green beans almondine, pink fluffy cherry salad, rolls, and cake from Miss Piggy's.
We had 17 guests and decorated with pink tablecloths, white daisies, white laterns with pink candles, summer torch lights in all different colors. We had the luncheon in a bed and breakfast. I bought individual candles from Bath and Body (75 percent off) and each guest lit one and told something positive about the bride. Each guest got to take home their candle. We had a great time and the bride seemed very pleased. Mellodee

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How many woman are coming and do you plan on sit down or buffet, etc? I actually often like plated lucheons for smaller gatherings....if you have the inclination and help. It makes it seem a little more elegant, IMHO. And you'll generally have less food choices for a plated serving than with a typical luncheon buffet. Guess it just depends on how you want to do it.

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I am definitely doing buffet. The crowd is now all going to be in their 20's early 30's. So I think that will fit the group much easier.

My menu I am still worried about.

I have not come up with anything that I am overly excited about.

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