No cable service with LCD tv

arkansaswifeyDecember 5, 2006

We just bought a LCD/HD tv. We currently do not have cable service (may get it in the future). We are able to look at dvd's. But, our local channels come in very fuzzy or not at all. When I try to add channels, it says the signal is very weak (maybe 1-3 bars out of 10). On our old tv we had an antenna, do we need one on the LCD tv?

FYI...We have a dvd player, xbox, and surround sound system hooked up to the tv.

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Yes you do need an antenna.

Most tv's today do not come with one. Go to your local Walmart or such and buy one.

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Thanks! I was thinking we might need an antenna. I'll buy one on my next trip to WM.

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can you use your old antenna on the new tv? as long as its a Digital HD antenna, that is. (snicker)

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