Which machine to use?

stephmc72April 6, 2002

I am looking for advice on which cardio machine will help take away some 'flab' on my thighs and butt area. I am 29 and not in the shape I used to be in. I don't currently exercise and my metabolism has slowed down alot and I'm looking to get into shape. I am petite for the most part, but do have a few inches I'd like to lose in those areas. I am familiar w/ the machines out there but don't know which one would be best for what I'm looking to achieve. In addition to cardio, do I need to do weight exercises at the same time to build up muscle tone in those areas or will cardio suffice for now? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, you need to go and try the machines to see what fits your style. Elliptical machine(cross country type machine)treadmill, stationary bike, rower. I personally am researching the elliptical machine for both upper and lower body cardio workout. To lose fat, it is important to do cardio at least 3 times a week, on an empty stomach. And really to try and do it as intense as you can for 20 minutes or so. Weight training helps firm and strengthen and yes helps with fat loss. It speeds up metabolism.
And nope, don't do weight training same day as cardio. I suggest you do a lower body workout one day, cardio the next, upper body the next day, cardio, then lower (do this for 6 days a week). Rest 1 day say on a Sunday. Also, don't forget diet and nutrition. Try and consume 6 small meals of protien, complex carbs, healthy fats in each meal. Also, drink water. How much? Half your body weight is a good place to start.
Come over to the Diet thread and join us in the exercise threads and such. Its fun - its supportive.
If you have any questions, email me at captainswife30@hotmail.com!
Good luck

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How do you drink half of your body weight? I mean I'm a 145 pounds. So I need to drink 75.5 pounds (?) of water a day? How do I measure something like that?

Those cross country machines...are those the ones that you pedal your feet on and the poles for your hands to hang onto move too? (The ones you're standing up using.) I always wondered what those machines were called. I like using those at the gym and I use them five times a week a half hour each time.

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Hi Lucky
I measure my water by purchasing a 64 ounce plastic bottle of say "Arrowhead" water and I re-use the bottle over and over again.(I drink 2 of those a day.) Or I buy a sport water bottle that has 24 ounces and I fill it up 4 times. ( I drink a gallon a day.)

And yes, you should aim for 76 ounces a day.

Yes, those machines are called elliptical. Good for you for doing the 1/2 hour but I am wondering if you are doing any weight training? It helps speed up the metabolism and helps burn fat as well. If you over train on cardio, you lose muscle. Ask PT for clarification.


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It's been stated over and over that walking is by far the most effective form of cardio excersize, and that the treadmill is the most effective machine. Walk walk walk!!

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