Remote's Battery Mystery Solved

chisueDecember 9, 2008

In the hope this might help someone else...

After replacing our DirecTV remote's non-rechargeable batteries (2 AA) with brand new rechargeables, the remote would not work. I put the new rechargeables into the charger for an hour and tried them again. Checked positive/negative alignment. Still nothing.

Who knew? I finally realized that non-rechargeables are 1.5 V each, while the rechargeables are 1.2 V. Evidently our remote craves the full 3.0 V and won't work for less!

(Y'all probably KNEW that, but I didn't.)

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yep, i have seen that in other things as well. you can get li-ion rechargables that are 1.5v, we use them at work for just the same reason.

i once wired up a remote so that i could recharge it without removing the batteries. drill a small hole in teh side, mount a mono 2.5mm jack, and plug in a 3V transformer. worked great until my wife plugged in a 6v transformer once. fried the remote and blew the batts!

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You are 'way too clever. I'll stick to prying the batteries out with my fingernails!

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