Added HDMI cable, lost closed caption

stu2900December 22, 2007

Added HDMI cable from cable box to HD Plasma tv. Picture and sound improved considerably, but lost closed caption on all channels. Used 4' Rocketfish cable from Best Buy. After captioning was lost, tried another of the same cable, still nothing. Tried multiple tv HDMI imput ports, same result. When viewed through a standard coaxial cable captioning works. Is there a problem with closed captioning through HDMI cables?

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Try turning on the CC in the cable box and not in the TV.

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That worked! Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

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Glad to help. Thanks for the feedback.

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We shouldn't be so happy about not being able to get closed caption over HDMI. To force the video source (such as cable box) to first print the Closed caption text onto the video is not a good solution, especially if you are subscribing to DVR services such as TIVO. The saved video would have a PERMANENT text printed on it... you can't remove it.

1. MANY cable boxes are unable to decode closed caption. ONLY the HD boxes are able to do so.. and it forces people to spend MONTHLY fees in order to get it. It is forcing people to subscribe to a service... extortion, racketeering..

2. DVDs... many many many DVDs are encoded with closed caption... which is NOT the same as subtitles. People are then forced to NOT use HDMI when viewing the DVDs... and not take advantage of using the HDMI port and not being able to use their TV's full potential... NOT being able to use what YOU PAID FOR!!!

3. If this was any other device... it would be ILLEGAL.

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