Dosage of multi-vitamins?

LuckyApril 20, 2002

I just wondered how often everyone takes their multi-vitamins. Recently I've been told by a couple of people (including my personal trainer and very fit coworker) to take one Centrum two times a day. I even picked up a multi-vitamin bottle from 24 Hour Fitness, which also gives the same instructions. I thought the Centrum bottle states to take one daily? How often do you all take your multi-vitamins? Do you follow the instructions or take more since you work out? (I am an exercise freak and try to go to the gym at least five times a week.)

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After taking all kinds of different "herbal" multi-vitamins from my herb store, I recently heard that for women, centrum is the best...100% USRDA of everything, and 30% vit. K (you don't want more than 30%).
So I went back to taking my original one centrum a day, I don't particulary believe you should take 2, but I think your body gets rid of any extra nutrients it doesn't need through waste anyway, so I wouldnt imagine it would be harmful.

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Cool, is that correct? Centrum has 100%? If so, that is great. If that is the case, one a day seems like it would work. But I know people who do take 2 a day and that is because there multi doesn't give them enough.

Did your PT also advise to take addtl supplements? Calcium? CLA? Omegas? Vitamin C? Etc... Just curious.


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Seeing the above word omega reminded me of a site I posted awhile back which speaks about the benefits of omega 3 and omega 6 factor ..benefits for your
heart and brain..and so on.Log into the 31 of the most important facts tips and tidbits.I have done a print out and refer back to it many times.

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Fandangle, When I tried the website,, I got a message saying that it could not be found. Is it just my browser? Judith

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Sorry Judith... I am just going out for a walk so I will check in later and see if I can post the actual link.

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Lets give it a try and hope it works..
for healthy hearts and ....

Here is a link that might be useful: healthy pumpers

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