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kathy_September 20, 2004

Gee somebody better start this....

How was your weekend?

I was not horrible but not perfect. No junk food but I can get perfectly fat on healthy food if I don't stay hungry.

So back to listen to my stomach growl today.

It's cool weather now - did you know cooler weather motivates your body to store more food for the coming winter?

Walk in the stores now and there is a lot of black and orange goodie bags (and Christmas stuff?). Is candy corn a vegetable or a starch/carb? Haha.

I made a hash brown potato soup this weekend using a WW recipe. It takes a pack of lf country gravy mix, 48 ounces of ff chicken broth, 16 ounces hash browns.

Brown the hash browns in a skillet (non-stick with spray) They do not brown very well but do your best.

Make the gravy mix according to directions. Mix hash browns, gravy and chicken broth together and heat through. 1 point per cup

I added garlic, onion, parsley and celery flakes for some color and flavor. Do not add salt! The gravy has plenty.

Well better get busy - lots of work today - need to pick up branches from the winds coming through and then mow.


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Hi All....
I'm new to this thread but willing to give it a try. How does the diet pals work and is there room for me here?

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No rules at all - just show up once in a while. Welcome!!! Hope you don't mind telling us a little about yourself. What diet are you trying? Your bio tells me you are one busy lady. Nice to see a new face!
Anybody ever see the vitamin commercial that has a lady listening to her radio and the announcer says something like "the average woman will gain 10 pounds per decade because her metabolism slows." She chucks the radio out the window! Funny.
Supper here will be boneless chicken breast sprinkled with rosemary and thyme. Don't know how it will taste but it smells good. Had a salad with turkey for lunch and when this pack of salad is gone I am switching to cooked veggies.
Speaking of... when you cook veggies use the least amount of water possible because the antioxidents and free radicals leach out with the water. Steaming is best but if you microwave it only takes a couple tablespoons of water.
Went to McDonalds last night and had a hamburger - no cheese. Should have eaten at home because it was not even good. Anyway, they have slots there now to donate money to the American Heart association. Nice cause but I wonder how many hearts are hurt by the fatty food there. They have changed a little though and the salads are good.

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Hi everybody. Welcome to the board, raveann!

Was away over the weekend and yesterday----my Mom passed away. It was not totally unexpected since she was in a nursing home, but she'd only been in there a few months.

She had several medical problems, including congestive heart failure. Very trying time. This is the first time I've been involved with making funeral arrangements. But, everybody thought she looked really good and the services went pretty smoothly. She was 80.

Foodwise, one of my cousins was trying to tell me that diet drinks with Aspertame make you want to eat more. I'm going to research this. Anybody else heard this. And he says he has cured his diabetes with losing weight and eating right.

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Oh my I am so sorry for your loss. No matter how old or ill she was still your mom. Big soft hugs.

I saw something on tv that said if you eat or drink artificially sweetened stuff your body does not react like it would with sugar and you crave more. Don't know where this info came from but a little sugar never made me quit craving stuff - ever. I am always a little suspicious of the sources of this info. Kind of like the commercial that encourages you to drink more ff milk to lose weight - check out who is paying for that one. I am not saying aspertame is good for you though. It's your own personal choice.

Well after reading about your mom diet info seems so trivial.

Take care and big hugs again. Kathy

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Yellowhair, my condolences and my prayers.((((( )))))

I recently lost my Mom too and I know how much it hurts. We are here to support you. Even though I am relatively new here, I know what a supportive group this is.


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Thanks, Kathy and Tikansas. It's going to be an adjustment. We have lived away from that area for several years now, like a 2-3 hour drive, so we didn't get back as many times as I would have liked, but I did go see her a few weeks ago and now I'm so glad that I did.

I have felt like my Mom's spirit has been around me the last few days. One of my friends from church called me tonight and she was telling me that her mom has been dead for 15 years and she still feels her spirit around her. So...

I've been eating light today, yogurt, cereal for breakfast, and diet drinks. I'll have to do more research on the aspertame. I plan to get back into my walking routine tomorrow.

I have a new dog! Yes, my sister had a dog that she couldn't take to her new apartment, so we wound up bringing her home. She's a short-haired fox terrier breed, some mix. Very sweet dog. We're trying to get our cats used to Daisy. May take a week or two. lol

Take care, everyone, think slim, think positive!

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Awww - a new dog! I like dogs a
I believe your mom is with you too.

I am a little discouraged - yesterday I was down to 2 pounds up from last dr's visit and this morning it was 3! I think the green beans and turkey ham is the culprit. Lots of salt in there so today I'll watch that.

Heading to auction today because there are a few things I want and all are spaced apart so it will be a long morning.

Found some SF jello on clearance yesterday 25 cents per box. Only mandarin orange and berry flavors though.

Along witht he tea, I bought hubby some peanuts yesterday - 3 pounds of them. He took them to work with him. The place I bought them roasts them in antique roasters right along the street. The smell of them carries all over town. They have coffee (jars and jars of it) too but it is pricey and I won't get him started on that.

Tuna steaks for supper. Will make some kind of apricot sauce with sf jam.

Bye, Kathy

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Congrats on the new dog!

Yellowhair, My Mom's spirit is with me too. I can still hear her voice and sometimes feel like she's giving me advice (ha ha). My Mom was a very funny woman. We had a lot of adventures together. I am thinking of writing them all down to pass on to my kids.

Kathy, tuna steaks sound yummy! What time do we eat : )?

Keep up the good work, all!


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Hi everybody! I was away the first half of the week. Came home with a nasty cold. I'm finally starting to feel better.

Was down half a pound this morning. Sure. I've had no appetite the last couple of days.

Yellowhair--So sorry to hear about your mom. I lost my mom a year and a half ago. It's not easy, but it helped me to know that she is in a peaceful place. Hugs to you and your family. And have fun with your new doggie!

Kathy--I am so looking forward to the cooler weather hitting here. Or at least I was, until I read that bit about being programmed to store fat for the winter, LOL! I am so close to my first weight-loss goal. I don't want anything to mess me up now! Seriously, though, fall is my favorite time of year.


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Hi all, and thanks for the welcome. I've been kind of avoiding this site because our towns festival was here over the weekend and knew I wouldn't be able to stick with any kind of diet with all the "fair food" so didn't want the guilt. lol Sorry.

It's a new week so can be a new beginning now. I started out my day with a brisk walk about a mile or so. It's not great, but a beginning none the less.

I'll check in more frequently now. It just seems that this site kind of moves a little slow,,maybe be can change that? Any way, I'm looking forward to being a part of this and will offer any support I can to who ever needs it.

Have a great day!!! :)

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Hi gals!
Raveann I understand the festival thing. We are having all kinds of them here too. The other day I went to one and thought I will allow myself a small bag of kettle corn - nothing else. Well guess what they weren't selling? Took some photos and went home.
Oh - I like your photos too.
Buglady I hope you are 100% now. Uck I would rather have the flu than a cold.
Hi Tikanas, Yellowhair, Barnmom? Now I forget your name! Oh it's the age but we miss you.
Rain rain rain today.
Bye, Kathy

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Hello everyone!

Kathy, how did your doctor appointment go?

We started Weight Watchers again at the office; the new program "turn around" where you can pick points or core foods. I tried a little of both, but I'm not crazy about the core food plan---where you can eat as much as you want until you are *full* (not good for this gal!). The scale at home tells me I've lost about 2 pounds since Thursday afternoon. We'll see what happens this week when I get weighed.

Went food shopping over the weekend, and I can already see major changes in the fruit section. I love summer fruits, melons, berries. Not much of a selection in the fall, and I only like Red Delicious apples so I'm bored with bananas, pears and apples. I took some unsweetened applesauce to work yesterday and it was a nice treat for my mid-afternoon snack.

Hope everyone has a great evening!

Where has McPeg gone? Is she not back from vacation (Canada?) yet?


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Hi everyone! I'm back and determined to stick around a little bit longer! LOL
Yellowhair, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I lost my Mother in 1980, but have such wonderful memories that put a smile on my face!

As some of you know, I did the WW program on my own last year and lost down to within 4 pounds of my goal weight. But I got off the program during Spring Break and never could get myself back. I felt lucky that I only gained 8 lbs back and tabled there. But, I quit my job in August and have been snacking so much now that I'm at home all the time. I weighed this morning and I've gained 4 more pounds, so decided to get back with the program. I jumped in my car and ran to the store to buy some oatmeal (my low point, yet nutritious) breakfast, so I wouldn't have any excuses! Now I've forgot most of the point values, so have to re-educate myself.

I am so glad that you guys are here to be my partners! And I look forward to sharing with you all again. Now I need to catch up in reading all the posts!

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Good morning!
Anybody else in a cleaning/organizing mood? Yesterday I sorted winter coats and accessories. Mine went to one closet and hubsters in another. 4 old coats hit the dumpster. I can see the floor in my coat closet again. It tends to be the place I put junk.
DeeMarie - I can see where that all you can eat stuff could be a problem - they don't know how much I could eat...
Well I posted on my "lonely" thread about the doctor - Up 3, water weight - no lecture. BP down 10 points. No other problems. I am the healthiest fat woman I know. Doc wished me a Merry Christmas and happy NY and said - see you in January haha. No excuses! Yeah he is very funny....
Welcome back MaryAnn! I guess you have your points link - eh?
Hmmm time to dig out my pumpkin dessert recipe. Isn't it funny how certain seasons make you think of foods? I don't look at pumpkin pie until cooler weather and now....and I won't thinkabout those dang gingersnap cookies in the bag.
Well I went absolutely food crazy for 2 days (after the doctor), felt full and miserable for 2 days so now it is time to straighten out and eat right. It's funny how sluggish bad food makes you feel.
Does anyone have a slush machine? Would it work with diet soda? I had 2 frozen Cokes and that is what I miss the most - pure empty calories..
This morning I had a ww bagel - much better.Well I am busy today so must run.
Bye, make today a good memory

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Good morning everyone and welcome back MaryAnn! (Are you the one with the motorcycle from over at KT?)

Last Sunday, I got ambitious with cooking, and made lots of low-point soups and sauces to use over the next week or two.

Here is my weekday breakfast routine:

Made a batch of oatmeal (can also use Cream of Wheat)...about 3 cups. Added some salt and Butter Buds Sprinkles to the water. Once it cooled a bit, I added between 1-2 cups of canned (plain!) pumpkin, some cinnamon, splenda, and a pinch of nutmeg, ginger, ground cloves...whatever you like. I then measure out 1 cup of this mixture into containers, and grab one container with a Dannon Light 'n Fit Yogurt every other day for breakfast on my way to the office. The other days, I grab for a yogurt and pre-measure snack bags of Kashi Good Friends. Each breakfast is about 4 points. Most mornings, I eat the cereal at about 8am, and the yogurt about 10am. That leaves me filled until I take out some time for lunch around 1pm.

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Hi Kathy, and yes, I still have my link to the Points site. LOL

Hi DeeMarie, yes, I'm the KTer biker. In fact the motorcycle is what got me started on WW in the beginning. I wanted (needed) leather chaps and decided I should lose some lbs before I got them. It worked! Now I've gained weight back and it's getting to be the season for my chaps and vest I'm working on this stomach!
So, looks like the bike is good for more than just having fun on! LOL

It is true that the seasons make you think of food. Well, actually everything makes me think of food! When I plan a shopping trip with friends the first thing I think of is, 'Where are we going to eat lunch!' I think if we could brainwash ourselves to never think about food until we were hungry, then we wouldn't have this problem!

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