gift suggestion for cancer survivor

jerseygirlwaJune 9, 2011

A friend is having an intravenous port taken out following her cancer treatments. She's having a "deportation party"

I would like to come up with a few gift ideas with the word port in them such as port wine.

Any suggestions??


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Anything with the word, "portable" in it.

When I saw the posting heading, though - I immediately thought of what a friend of mine suggested at a church yard sale this morning: a glass bowl (short and completely rounded like a ball) planter for sale and said she liked to buy unusual planters or clear bowls and pop in a plant to give to those recuperating.

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I'm probably too late for gift suggestions,but someone should write her a poem or song with the word port in it for a keepsake.

Something like, It was misrePORTed that my port was imPORTant, so I am taking this opPORTunity to dePORT my port, which now needs a passPORT, as I am exPORTing it via the nearest seaPORT and transPORTing it to ... well, you get the idea.

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