The Larry Elder show.

kathy_September 22, 2004

This is a new talk show I saw this morning on WB. Anyway it is a good show about gastric bypass and there are different ladies there sharing their stories. One lady had the surgery, popped her staples and gained 300 lbs back. Oh my gosh. I just can't imagine... There was a lady on who lost weight with diet and exercise and she could not believe the lady had gained all the weight back and they had some words about that. The "regular way" lady was just a little too high and mighty and that rubbed the bypass ladies the wrong way. Another lady came on who had the surgery and has been fighting problems for 9 years. Anyway - way too much detail but if you get a chance to catch the show - do so - it's an eyeopener.


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Jane Pauley was about weightloss too - must be the season (and sending this on)

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