bobcajunDecember 29, 2007


My wife is forcing me to get rid of our old ( 1976) tv, so that we can buy a dvd player. Can anyone give me any idea what I should be looking for? What are the important elements? For instance, the ability to record? etc. I see that there are quite different prices for these machines

thanks bob

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Well, first off, you can (through the use of adapters) make a DVD player work with ANY TV. Granted, the quality won't be as good as on a new TV, but you CAN make it work.

What to look for also depends on what kind of TV you get. Here's several connection options starting at the lowest (and therefore cheapest) on up:

1) Keep the TV you have -- through the use of an RF modulator, and maybe another adapter or two, you can hook any DVD up to your current TV. Even some newer low-end TVs need this adapter.

2) Composite hookup -- These will connect the DVD to the TV by use of red/white/yellow cables. Make sure your new TV has AT LEAST these jacks.

3) S-Video -- The S-video will replace the yellow (video) cable in the above hookup. Low-end TVs will not have this. If it does, however, use it.

4) Component video -- This will be found on only middle- to upper-end televisions. A red, green, and blue cable are all used to transmit the video signal, plus the red and white audio make FIVE cables total to hook the TV up to the DVD.

5) HDMI -- Now you're venturing into the high definition arena, which I'm not as schooled on. Someone else will have to fill you in there.

As for the DVD itself, I would say you don't need to go over your head. Recordable DVDs are quickly replacing VCRs, but it if you are the type that doesn't like learning new technology and feel comfortable with what you have, you can certainly hook up both a DVD and VCR at the same time, though not necessarily through each other. IN that respect, you can certainly get a DVD recorder if you feel comfortable learning it. Other than that, it's pretty simple. I would try to avoid the $19.99 Wal-Mart special, but unless you're going with an expensive home theater hookup, you don't need to go with Blu-Ray or HD-DVD either. Hope this helps!

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"Hope this helps!"

It does help. thanks a lot for taking the trouble to answer

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