jenny craig?

uspresidiotApril 20, 2006

anyone done it? is is ultra expensive?

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My cousin is on this diet and is starving! Yes it is expensive. I believe her cost for food is about $300 per month (not positive though). You also pay for "counseling". I checked their website and noticed that they offer no information about cost. You get that surprise when they contact you I guess. You WILL lose weight if you only eat what they give because the portions are very small (watch the commercials and check out the amount of food on Kirstie's plate). You can do the same thing yourself... just eat smaller portions. For someone (like my cousin) who is too busy or too lazy to prepare their own meals it may work just fine. The problem is you will probably get so hungry that you'll eat other things during the day which will defeat what you're trying to do. Just my two cents. Hope you find something that works for you. Lis

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