maryanntxApril 18, 2003

I saw someone suggest using to keep track of everything. I'm impressed. I filled out the food that I have eaten so far today (it's 2:00 pm here) and so far this is my breakdown:

29% fat

18% protein

52% carbs

Is there any place that shows what the ideal ratio should be? I'm sure that my fat shouldn't be that high!! But I ate a piece of cake after lunch and that's one reason it is so high.

Thanks for any help!

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I'm adding to this post so it can slide on down. is a great place to record your food and activities. The reports have helped me because I realized I'm not getting near all the vitamins that I need.

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MaryAnn, I started using Fitday after your recommendation and I have to say, I love it! It keeps me from filling notebooks full of "what I ate" lists and I love the way everything is graphed out. Thanks for the tip. Jaime

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I use fitday too, it's been the greatest thing in helping me develop a good diet for myself.
MaryAnn - I try for 20% fat
60% carbs
20% protein
Some people will argue with that, and want less carbs and more protein, but I think the 20% fat ratio is pretty standard.
I tried raising the protein a couple times, but found I didn't have the energy for my workouts and just didn't feel good period. I guess everyone is different, but I love my carbs.

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