v tech cordless phone

laurenjayDecember 6, 2011

I have a v tech cordless phone with two handsets. the problem is with the second handset. the phone rings, I answer it and there is no connection. the affected phone also responds to "locate handset". Obviously, the battery is charged because it does ring. When I try to make a call from handset, there is no dial tone. The main handset is working properly. Please advise.

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Does the phone maybe have a "lock feature" to prevent accidental button presses that may currently be turned on?

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I don't believe it does.

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If you don't have the manual, look it up on the V tech website and see if it does have that feature and how to turn it on/off.

If it doesn't have that feature, a low (or worn out) battery can usually have enough power to still receive a signal but doesn't have enough power to transmit - which you need to be able to do in order to answer or call out. So, it could still possibly be a battery problem.

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